Tuesday, December 11, 2007

It's Just One of Those Days...

Where, for the life of me, I just cannot seem to complete a single thing, not even a


  1. haha.
    'tis okay.
    i'm going through a similar kind of month.

  2. Will dumping everything else and grabbing some peanut butter-jam-bread help?
    There, it helped, dint it?
    *beaming encouragingly*

  3. oh put up a picture of peanut already!!! Or mail me some.

  4. Strap on the sling and take Peanut for a walk on the beach. Since work is waiting anyway, an hour more won't hurt.

  5. You did complete one thing, sweet child! You sent me a loving goodnight sms! Loved your posts, as always. Pictures of P, V, K and You?

    Love you loads.


  6. Chill...all of us have that innate tendency to be SUPERWOMAN....and sometimes forget to have fun for the sake of it! Like sue said...Strap on the sling and take Peanut for a walk on the beach...am sure will help...

  7. Hahaha - this post is driving me crazy now :D (Yeah, me and my OCD tendencies) Why don't you complete the sentence? PLEASE???

    Loved it! I just love your sense of humor.


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