Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Lists Tag

Tagged by Kiran to make the following lists:

- 10 things I will have done by the age of 30

1. Seen a sky full of millions of stars (ok, thousands will do!) - and hopefully, more than once.

2. Been to Corfu in Greece. Well, if not that, then at least, to the North East part of our country.

3. Written that damn book, and if not, resolve to do it by age 40! ( and then by get the drift?)

4. Figured out what I really want to do with the rest of my life, and taken at least the first step towards it. I mean this work-wise.

5. Made up my mind about whether to have second baby or not. Shocking myself with this one, and I'm sure, shocking those of you who actually know me in person! I had always thought, no, no, no baby at all! And then, one, one, one is enough! Hmmm....

6. Found myself a good singing partner or two, practised our vocal chords off, prepared some mean harmonizing, and actually performed, for a while in some not-too-seedy clubs! And hopefully, not for free. Or having had to pay for it ourselves!

7. Touched, if only briefly, my pre-pregnancy weight of 56 kgs! Especially since I bought an entire new wardrobe of clothes last year, most of which have not been worn more than once.

8. Learned how to swim underwater. No, seriously, it is damn irritating because right now, even when I believe I have been swimming deep under the water, I am informed that my butt has been sticking out of the water's surface all the while. It's a bit embarassing, really.

9. Grown my hair long again, and kept it in decent shape this time, by resisting the urge to straighten, colour, or otherwise maul the life out of it.

10. Truly understood that even if I don't achieve a SINGLE thing amongst the above, it doesn't really matter and life is pretty great, anyway. This is the only really important thing in my list.

In fact, part 2 of this tag is '10 things I miss in my life right now', but I really would rather put a twist in this, and talk about the 10 things that I am grateful for in my life right now. Here's hoping I don't jinx myself in any way, but I'm not that superstitious ( Thoo, thoo; Knock on Wood; Etc!). Anyway, I think being thankful is something I haven't been doing enough of, so here goes.

10 things I am grateful for on my life right now:

1. My family - Peanut, Vijay, my Mom, my Sister G, and my cousin Mini make it to the top of my list.

2. My friends - Abhimanyu and Richa, who've been my friends for over 10 years now - and of course, the irrepressible Vani.

3. The long maternity leave of over 6 months that I am enjoying, thanks to my company having changed its policy from 3 months to 6 months, just last year. It really is a blessing.

4. The song Aicha by Khalid, which my baby loves, and which has helped me to put her to sleep on countless occasions in the last 3 months.

5. Having had a normal delivery in a time when C-sections seem to be more common -and having had a 4 hour labour. No, it wasn't easy, but easier than most - I think. Oh, and I am ever so grateful for the epidural, too. (And I'm really not looking for any judging here, okay? '' What? A four hour labour, and you took the epidural?''. Had enough of 'Are you sure you want the epidural, child?' from the attending doctor, and wanted to sock her and share some pain with her!)

6. Being one of the few people I know without a single strand of grey hair ( NOW, I know I'm jinxing myself! Off to check the mirror)

7. Having attended pre-pregnancy classes which really helped, especially in that one tip of using Olive Oil on the belly to avoid stretch marks. ( Ditto on the quick mirror check!)

8. Having the help that I do, as written in my previous post, especially the K. All three, actually, but especially, the K.

9. The blogging, because it's put me in touch with so many nice people - mommy bloggers and otherwise. And it makes me feel so good when someone says their day is brightened by reading my blog. That's really nice!

10. Being married to the most amazing man in the world. Yes, I know, he was there in point # 1 also, but still. He is such a great husband and will be the best father ever, too.

(Running off to research something I remember reading about the Jmonster somewhere...where was it??)

I am tagging Rohini, and Suki for this. I've picked you two because I'd like to see how different they are for the different stages in life you two are at. Do it if you want - and however you want.


  1. Nice tag, nice timing. Had been suffering from a bad case of I-fucked-my-Honours-paper-and-I-miss-Baby blues, needed something not too creative and not TOO personal to work on now, LOL.
    I'll be going with your spin on it. I like it. Also like how satisfied with life you are :).

  2. But.. but... 20 is just round the corner, and my life is absolutely on rails till then! I won't even be a graduate.

    I think I'll do it for both 20 and 25, because post-MA is when I can really kick off and do the things I want to. Before that, it's all a hash of academic and metaphysical uncertainty.

  3. Hmmm - well first of all well done on the "What I'm grateful for bit" - very nice touch. I won't even talk about how mortified I was to not find my name at number 1, but I'll just put that down to your being an exhausted new mother :)

    Oh, and since I derive all my life philosophy from Wear Sunscreen, I love it when he says "Don't feel guilty if you don't know what you want to do with your life. The most interesting people
    I know didn't know at 22 what they wanted to do with their lives; some of the most interesting 40 year
    olds I know still don't."

    There's hope for us all. There is hope.

  4. Such a lovely post. You are one of the bloggers who bring the sunshine into many lives, so I'm grateful for you too,(and for Ganju's comments- almost an honorary Mommy blogger), isn't he!).
    May you fulfill all your dreams, both before and after thirty. Looking forward to your book, too, whenever it happens:)

  5. So jealous of the normal delivery, epidural and all :(

    Work's a bitch and not getting much time to post but will try and squeeze the tag in along with what seems like a million other pending ones :(

  6. Y, That was really lovely, especially your twist in the tag. I think we should all do something on the things in our lives we are grateful for.

  7. Dipali: While I am unmitigatedly pleased that you appreciate my comments it is just a little disconcerting that I - male, very very single, and childless have been bestowed honorary mommy blogger status by you. I can't believe that's a good thing :) Note to self - next time comment about sports, girls in bikinis and fast cars.

  8. Ganju, no doubting your male, single status! Please take 'honorary mommy blogger' in the spirit in which it was bestowed upon you- as part of this warm and friendly bunch of people, some of whom happen to be mommies!

  9. Hmm, I love tags!!!
    and yes, my day does get brightened by reading your blog.

  10. Dipali: ah excellent. i shall then take it as a compliment and also fashion a little badge for myself which will say "i may not look like a mommy-blogger but i act like one".

    moving on - have you seen the latest lamborghini. it's so cool. and the models at the launch were so hot - their bikinis were awesome. oh, and isn't the pakistani cricket team acting silly? :)


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