Thursday, June 28, 2012

Swapan Seth's Review of 'Just Married, Please Excuse'

Click here to read on Goodreads the review by Swapan Seth of ''Just Married, Please Excuse''.

He's the first person who's read the final book and is not a member of my family :-). 

I am copying the text below in case you're REALLY lazy. Ha ha.

And you can pre-order on Flipkart right HERE.

I have known Yashodhra Lal as a client of mine. A serious, strategist with little sense of humour. Or so I thought. Having said that, I did know that if she had written a book, it would certainly be above average. Such is her nature. She wouldn't put her name to anything that wasn't above par.
I finished JUST MARRIED PLEASE EXCUSE in one go. Which is a feat by itself since I usually stay away from fiction. I make an annual exception: Tony Parsons. And recently I also read Kiran Manral's lovely little book The Reluctant Detective.
JUST MARRIED PLEASE EXCUSE hums with a honesty and humour that is simply endearing. Yashodhra's writing style is speak easy and simple. None of the pretence that often is the handmaiden of first time fiction authors.
Yashodhra invites you into what is an album of her rather fine family, complete, like any family, with its idiosyncracies and charming nuances.
At one level it is a love story of two individuals who are complete opposite yet deeply together. It is a tale of love and how that love transforms as all love does when it enters into marriage.
Yet, Yashodhra does not speak just for herself and hers. The book is a mirror to all our lives and the lively relationships that dot them.
Hilarious mostly, Yashodhra characters are real. With a simplicity and a style that is terribly attractive.
If you are in a relationship, read this book. It will explain the complexities of feelings and bring you even closer to the person you love.
It is raw, it is refined. It is flawed. It is fabulous.

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