Saturday, June 2, 2012

Dear Y, You've got Mail.

A to Y, 
CC M and G
Lal, I have a huge doubt - how does one go about getting a sabbatical? is it easier or more difficult than getting say a 2 week vacation? the reason i ask and i think i speak for M also is that except in terms of "meaningless matters of monetary compensation" (where we are benchmarked marginally favourably against homemakers and the unemployed), we are made to believe that the organization will fail if we do not access mails and respond for any period greater than a day and hence concept of leave is unthinkable.
Your advise in this matter will be much appreciated. Thanks
G, i appreciate that you probably have more wisdom on how to get a 'permanent' sabbatical and hence will not tax your brain on this minor issue of 'temporary' sabbatical
Y to A
CC M and G

I would divulge the secret to you - you are one of my closet friends ( oops...I meant closest, but never mind, this also works).

However, I believe there is no point in my doing so because frankly, you guys ( you and M, that is) are such invaluable contributors to your respective organizations that they would never agree to let you go.

Keep at it, and pass a percentage of the salary my way at the end of each month,


M to Y
CC A and G
Dearest Lal

We would love to pass a percentage  . However we are limited by the fact that a % of our combined salaries may result in an amount which is now no longer tradeable  as the indian government has abolished the 10 p and 20 p coins. Handing a higher % may result in 2 families (with kids) having severe financial challenges 

Keep the faith. Until then A and I will stand as two stoic underpaid but eminently required pillars of our organizations
 A to M
CC Y and G

Thank you M for putting things in the right perspective....also 100% of 0 is stil 0....alas, lal is like Marie-Antoinette and her suggestions akin to 'let them eat cake' can potentially start a revolution except for our high levels of inertia...
lal, maybe you shd set aside a rupee or two of each book sale for underpaid friends...
Note: One notices the silence on the part of the G. Only because he has been fast sleep in the America and once he wakes up, we will be subject to his pearls of wisdom too.  


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