Monday, June 11, 2012

My Mechanical Man

Yes, I realize it makes him sound like a bit of a robot, but I am merely referring to the fact that he is a mechanical engineer.

It proves useful about the house - he fixes things quite ingeniously, and takes an active interest in the functioning of various items - the kind of thing that bores me stiff. It's a fairly happy arrangement, therefore - my job is to point out the problem and nag him until he gets around to 'getting out his tools'. (Why does it sound like there's some form of innuendo there? Not intended.). Once he's on the job (Dammit!), he doesn't stop until he's finished (This is sick!).

Anyway, Vijay has been lamenting that he does not have a 'toolbox' to keep his various tools. I caught him eyeing a small suitcase that someone presented my daughter and he suddenly declared 'That's it! I'll use this!'.

'This?' I said, unable to believe that he was serious.

'Of course' he asserted, 'It's just the right size, and Peanut never uses it for anything'.


'It's perfect for me' he finished.

Yes. My Mechanical Engineering Husband.

With the Pink Barbie Tool-box.



  1. Yikes! I thought we'd reached the nadir when for the 3rd pink birthday party we had pink food, pink balloons and a Pink Papa, but now that you mention it the husband has been eying the child's purple Hannah Montana travel case of late and passing remarks to the effect that his own is rather frayed. Time to stash it away asap, I pink.

  2. This has happened at my home too. My dad is perfectly happy with a similar Barbie pouch for keeping his pen drives and connecting wires. And he's an electrical engineer. :-D


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