Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bottles, Battles and 'Baticals

I just love the title of my own post. Allow me to revel for a moment. ~ revels~

Right, I'm done.

So anyway, it's been six whole days of my Sabbatical and only on ONE day (yesterday), I almost got dressed to go to the office, determined to do some work even though they no longer pay me. But I restrained myself, and took my daughter, neighbor and neighbor's daughter to the Kingdom of Dreams and we had a really nice time.

A few days back, I had got into an argument with this selfsame neighbor and it got worse and worse, a non-issue being made into a big issue and I shocked myself by eventually resorting to the use of utterly rude phrases. Vijay, who was with me, and had been telling the lady haplessly '...par suniye toh...lekin aap suniye toh...', suddenly realized what I had said and looked as shocked as we all were. I spend the next hour sitting in her drawing room apologizing to her, and not expecting her to be as gracious as she was about the whole thing. Therefore, I have decided that much more important in this whole sabbatical than various other things is actually ensuring that I become a far calmer person and get my temper under control.

Anyway, I'm glad we got to go out yesterday and get to know each other better - the nice thing about time off is that I can actually finally manage to give time to relationships, and that is huge for me.

The kids have been driving me a little bit nutsoid. They're in the habit now - the twins, that is - of throwing all my possessions. In the last week, therefore, my glasses have been bent; my phone is out of order; the very nice farewell gift 'book' that my team created for me called 'Just Yash, Please Excuse' has had its cover torn; and my favorite red sports bottle destroyed.

I sourced myself a new sports bottle ( of all things!) and guarded it from them very categorically. This morning, both the babies woke up at 6.30 as usual. No more grumbling about that from me, I just put on my jogging shoes and took them out in their twin-stroller for a walk around the colony. Very nice it was - until I stopped to talk to this nice elderly gentleman while letting them run around, and turned my attention away from them for a couple of minutes.

Sure enough, Pickle and Papad chose to have an unusually silent battle about my water bottle which was hanging from the back of the stroller, snatching it away from each other repeatedly, until they finally caught my attention by the simple act of throwing it onto the ground and breaking it.

I looked at my poor bottle lying there and thought about how nice it was that I no longer intend to let the little things in life bother me. But I think there may have been tears welling up in my eyes.

P.S - I received a terrible joke from Diptakirti this morning

Question: What do you call it when your babies tickle you awake in the morning while you're on a break?
Answer: Subah-tickle.

(Tears welling up again.)


  1. You ARE PMSsing, aren't you?
    ROFL at the title and the joke at the end.

  2. lol for the joke at the end; nice post:)

  3. I am so with you Y. Enjoy your sabbatical.

    Manasi, of the broken glasses, what used to be a sports bottle and is now baby doll's dudu bottle, and the mobile that was flushed down the toilet.

  4. Ordered your book today... Waiting for it... Eagerly !!

  5. Haha..I LOVED the joke you know! and well the post too, like all others.

    Reading your blogs for the first time, like all of them back to back (Yeh, I am 25, working, with absolutely duh Friday ;)). You know what got me here? The mention of your book from an excited girl who announced that you're from SRCC! You got it. The girl and I are from SRCC too. Proud, I am. SO inspired.

  6. Haha..I LOVED the zoke! and the post of course. well, i love all your posts! I am reading them all for the first time, back to back (yeh, I am 25, working, with absolutely duh Friday). Wondering what got me here? Mention of your book from a friend. she mentioned your book to me excitedly, without even reading it. Because she was psyched that you are SRCC! Yup, you got it. My friend and I are also from SR. So proud of you. SO inspired.


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