Saturday, June 16, 2012

Sabbatical Week 2: Round up

So here a few things I'd like to remember from my second sabbatical week.

1. First time ever sat and watched two hours of Thornbirds with my 90-year old grandmother. I've said it before and I"ll say it again - for this alone, the sabbatical seemed worth it!
2. Visited Performer's Collective and enquired about classes. They start in July. Which is a good thing because I'm determined to try and take it easy this month.
3. Went nuts with the whole Zumba thing - almost gave up with the Tuesday class getting cancelled. However, being the persistent ( cough, obsessive) variety, I am giving it another shot coming Monday.
4. Took the number of - this is a shocker even for me - someone who takes cooking classes in order to find out more. Yes, I would like to learn how to cook.
5. Took my kids swimming each day of the week - all three of them - except for only one day when I had to go out in the evening. This is an absolute blast.
6. In general, got more time with the kids than ever before and made decent progress on Peanut's holiday homework. Trying to figure out a schedule with them that works all around and doesn't overdo it to the point of making me crazy.
7. Yesterday, took a friend and went to the Shiamak Davar's Summer Funk performance - saw a person from my team perform and was really proud of her. Also blown away by the final performance of the evening by the Delhi Dance Instructors. Those guys were amazing. This will deserve a post, maybe in a day or two.
8. Found a cutting I had made out of the newspaper about Delhi and the various things to explore and determined at some point to use that as a checklist and get to know the city of my birth a whole lot better.
9. Went only once to office to do some ( *ahem* paperwork). Ended up spending a lot longer there than I had intended. Felt a bit like jumping back into the fray, but waited until the feeling passed and I think I'll be fine now.
10. I don't really have a tenth, but I'm a little obsessive about round numbers. Oh yes, spent leisure time this week reading the Palace of Illusions - am thoroughly enjoying it. Almost don't want it to end, and will be posting a write up on it soon, as well as the 'reading list' my friends have suggested on Facebook, for you to add to.

And you? How's your sabbatical going?

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