Sunday, July 1, 2012

One Month Down and I don't BELIEVE it

A full month has passed - I've been on Sabbatical since Jun 1 and I really can't believe how quickly it's just gone by. I haven't 'rested' at all ; I've been as busy as ever. I can't believe I was holding down a day job even up to 30 days ago! Jesus!

Of course, various things have been keeping me busy this month. The grandmother's health. The Book plans. The Zumba. The Kids. And July is going to be even busier, from the looks of it because all the above continue, including the actual book launch, the kiddies starting schools, their birthdays. The guitar lesson dream must continue to be on hold. However, I do want to get going on the second book now.

I have this feeling that I should slow down. But even my various attempts to slow down become a project by themselves.

It's all very *interesting*.

The only good thing about being like this is that it certainly provides a lot of material. 

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