Monday, July 16, 2012

My Day at the Spa

So another one I can chalk up to the Sabbatical, then.

In keeping with trying to do some of the things I've never done before, I followed the recommendation by a friend to try a brand new Spa out. I was in two minds about the whole thing - have never really been the Spa-treatment type. But last week I finally made my way there. On a Monday morning. Heh heh.

I landed up there at the DLF Cross Point Mall, Galleria 2- which I had never been to in my life, but which appears to be quite the upcoming-happening-type of place with some posh restaurants and a number of the Spa-varieties. On the seventh floor was my destination - Aresa Spa.

I was personally greeted by the proprietors - Richa and Hanuwant. Richa told me the place was just a month old, and she and Hanu could use some treatment themselves, but instead found that they had no time for it, what with setting up the place and all. Richa indicated herself saying 'I'm sure I don't look like the owner of a Spa.' This was true, she looked really nice and down-to-earth and I personally much preferred that - it made me feel more at home.

She asked me what type of Therapy I'd had before. I replied in all honesty that I had no clue. Sure, I'd had the Kerala Ayurvedic Massage and the Thai massages, but nothing more than that. I looked through their menu and my eyes bulged at the variety and comprehensiveness of the offerings and treatment. I then looked back up at them helplessly.

Richa and Hanu decided to help me out and after a brief discussion they recommended the Swedish Massage to me. This sounded really good and I readily agreed, just happy to have the decision taken out of my hands. 'A tired mother of three, eh? Well, you'll enjoy this one.'

I was then introduced to their staff and shown around the place - they showed me each of the seven or eight rooms that they had set up - each room with a different set up and purpose. It all strucked me as very impressively well-organized and the ambience was really relaxing and beautiful. I was then introduced to the lady who would be doing my massage. I think I might have been secretly hoping it would be someone Swedish, but the girl was very nice and a thorough professional. And boy, was she good at her job.

I had the most relaxing massage possible - the best ever. It was for about seventy five minutes and I'm pretty sure I fell asleep. I therefore don't remember anything about the actual technique used, but when I emerged fresh from the Steam sauna (another first for me!) and a refreshing shower, I felt like a million dollars, and bestowed beatific smiles to everyone around me.

I sms'ed a few of my friends that I had just had a Swedish massage - one of them responded, saying 

'That's great...what exactly do they do in a Swedish Massage?'

Of course, I didn't know the answer so I replied with my usual honesty 'I don't know. But dem Swedes be some Lucky Bastards.'

I found out only later that the nice staff at Aresa are from some of the best spas in the north of the country. I asked Richa how she had managed to coax them away from what were obviously some pretty cushy places, and she thought about it only for a moment before throwing up her hands and saying 'We just got lucky!'

Net-net. It was a really amazing experience. If they had their website up and running, I would have linked to it right here. In the interim, however, I can only share their contact numbers - which are 0124-4078383 and 0124-4148383.

Go ahead. Gift yourself a bit of a treat. And they have some pretty killer inaugural discounts going on right about now, you may want to ask for those as well.

P.S - I suggested Vijay go there, and he got all excited and said 'Which massage do you think I should get?'. I was actually hoping that he would go and learn some cool massage techniques to use on me later, but with my usual honesty I replied 'Swedish was pretty darn good. Go for it.'


  1. Sounds awesome, though as one who is very very ticklish I don't think I could survive any kind of massage!

  2. I remember when my baby was about one and I was constantly exhausted my maid gave me a 15 minute massage - I have never gone to a spa (yet), but I can imagine how awesome your Swedish would have been considering how fantastic my maid's was.

  3. You don't have to approve this comment - but shouldn't you be changing the blurb in the Who am I section to "Just married, please excuse" is out in June 2012? Just nitpicking...

  4. You don't have to approve this comment - but shouldn't you be changing the blurb in the Who am I section to "Just married, please excuse" is out in June 2012? Just nitpicking...

  5. Hey Y,

    I have been regular reader of your blog for sometime now. Ur just awesome.!!!

    I guess Flipkart is facing some issues in shipping JMPE,they just cancelled my order citing stock problem.

    Just check with ur publisher as I don't want enthusiasts like me to face any delays. :-)


  6. Thanks LG, I totally need to change that!

    And Gaurav Awasthi, that was a GREAT input, I called the Flipkart guys, they said it was a glitch in their system - please do let me know if you got a mail correcting the issue?

    I really appreciate it :-)

    1. My comment thrice? I hope my husband never sees this or he'll get proof of his claim of my being a nag. Ahem !

  7. That indeed was a glitch,i received an email from flipkart assuring me timely delivery of the book .

  8. er ... strucked you? I don't see the deliberation there either ...


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