Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Y's Big Book Break

I've always wanted to write. When I started this blog in November, 2006 ( oh my GOD that's a long time ago), it was in order to have some sort of a creative outlet.
I blogged fanatically for a while until I realized I was spending too much time on it. But it was a very important step. It put me in touch with some wonderful people, especially mothers. I made some good friends in the blogging circuit. I learnt to deal with (surprisingly few) negative people. And importantly - there were some people who told me that they liked reading me so much that I should write a book.
So Guess What?
While I was on my maternity leave (must have been the near-death experience as I dramatically put it to myself), I wrote me a little something, sent it out, waited a looong time, hoping and praying that someone would like it enough to actually publish it.
And Guess What?
Now don't get too excited - it's a long while away from actually becoming a final product and being launched, in fact, it could take upto a year as the completely darling Chief Editor says. So there's really not much point talking about it just now. But here's the strange thing - over the last few months, my orientation changed completely to 'I want it out soooon' to 'I don't actually care too much about a few months here and there'. The point is - I'm an author. And I know this is only the first. My head is already bursting with ideas for the second and one of my discussions with the Editor today was on a list of book ideas so that I know which one to work on this year, while the first one goes through it's own course of finalization et al.
So it's a huge deal for me. I've been blogging very little because it's hard for me to not write about what's happening in life, and I didn't want to talk about it until it really happened. But now I'm back and I think I'm going to be a lot more regular about writing.
And yeah, I'm not quitting my day job just yet. From whatever I hear, there's not very much money in writing and besides, I actually like my job (gasp!) despite the occasional little annoyances that it entails. Besides, many mouths to feed and all that jazz. So therefore, balance is the key. As I figured when I stopped home after work for about an hour before heading out to the Editor-meeting, and was faced with two wailing babies who wanted to be fed and cuddled at the same time, while Peanut hung on determinedly to my leg as I tried to leave, claiming 'Tell me a SHTORY right now. You ALREADY went to OFFISH'.
Deep breath. Balance. Very important. Sigh.
But before I forget. I want to say a big thanks ( Oscar Style!) to a few people.

To Stuti and Svety and other kind bloggers/commenters for all the encouragement starting many years ago and consistently telling me I write funny and should write more.

To the lady who inspired me to start and finish and send out to publishers and all that jazz and who has no qualms about 'Taking full credit' as she puts it herself. And by the way, happy birthday, Parul.

To my good friend Ganju, Richa and my sister Gitanjali for giving me their feedback on multiple versions.

And to my hubby dear, mother dear and the rest of the family and friends - for all the great material. It just keeps coming at me, every single day.

But balance calls...little Papad has woken up after fifteen minutes of deep sleep and is now wailing for attention.

What fun.

And with that I bid you Goodnight. You beautiful, beautiful people, you!


  1. bahut bahut mubarak and yes the birthday girl is quite something isnt she...I tell you keep her close and the other Ps three closer and it will be all good going. congrats once again.

  2. Woow thats greaat....you are a super mom or what? Congraatulations!!!! Awesome....

    Heres wishing you many more success.

    And continue blogging please..we missed you..


  3. Great news Y! Congratulations! Looking forward to the book :)

  4. Everybody hail the mighty Y.

    *bows very deep*

    And yes, now about the bestseller list....

  5. this is SUCH thrilling, thrilling news Y!! Very happy for you, and for us readers who'd get to read classic Y (yay for vichit and khaled and old characters). Hope the book comes out soon. and to many more, cheers! Very very happy.

  6. Awesome! Where do you find the time, woman! I like the way you casually slipped in that you wrote it in your maternity leave

  7. Super news! Congratulations.. btw, no credit to the 3 most imp people in your life?;).. Look forward to your book!

  8. Congratulations Y! Looking forward to the book coming out soon!

  9. I'm just so thrilled, Yashodhara! I was waiting expectantly for you to tell the world. Huge big squashy hugs, and a great big YAAAAAYYYYY for our very own Y!

  10. congratulations :)
    long time lurker. finally delurking. love your blog and looking forward to the book!

  11. Congratulations!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to read the book and must I add you are an inspiration, super woman!

  12. That's awesome Y! Your blog is so fun, looking forward to the book :)


  13. All the best for your Book, Do include us in Book release function and do keep some food at the end of the function, I suggest some Ham sandwiches , small cocktail samosas, really good coffee, chocolate brownies

  14. Thanks Guys :-)

    Uma - No credit to the 3 most important people in my life? Ha ha ha. Why? They were only distractions for this book.

    Material for no. 2 maybe, but distractions for this one!

    Anirban - uhh. Thanks for the congratulations. And the menu!

    Everyone - you're all too cool :-) And as to where do I find the time. I'll be damned if I know! Trying to do the final edit as of now and unable to figure out where to squeeze it in.


    You might not remember it, but I've always said you should be a writer!

    GO, Super Mom! Proud of you, beta!

  16. Wow! Great stuff. Congratulations. Very excited for you. And eagerly awaiting the book

  17. HI there!
    Am finally delurking to congratulate you on this one. Have many times considered leaving a comment, but never got around to it. Many, many congratulations. Really love your style of writing, so hoping that the book is going to be a huge success. Stumbled on this blog late last year while laid up with a herniated disc in my back, and I have to say, you were responsible for quite a few laughter bouts:) Since I got back on my feet, recently managed to read all the backlogged postings in between caring for two of my own. I digress - so once again, really enjoy your blog, love your style of writing and wonderful news on the book. All the very best!

  18. I'm just going to smile with a superior air and say I told u so...:) good going gurl....

  19. Am just going to smile a very "superior air smile" and say I told u so...:) good going gurl !

  20. Wah Wah .... congratulations!
    And am totally in awe of the amount you have managed while taking care of two babies, a toddler and a full time job.

    I look forward to the book.

  21. arrey bhai i left a comment in the morning, kahan gaya?

    Many congratulations!
    Am in total awe - two babies, one toddler, full time job and a book manuscript! Way to go y!!!

  22. Excellent.. Excellent.. Excellent!

    Many congratulations.. Now then, where is the book? What deal do the avid readers of this blog get? Autographed copies?

  23. i hope to get a free, autographed copy.
    notice the emphasis is on "autographed" and not "free" as you might be thinking. :P


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