Saturday, March 19, 2011

Errr...Supermom? Not really...

Actually, I'm not anywhere close to Supermom.
You won't find me jumping over diaper piles as high as buildings during the days, and flying above the traffic from my office to my home during the evenings. I do wish I had the power to fly a few times around the Earth to reverse time and get another extra couple of hours with my babies, but I've tried and it doesn't really happen.
Don't get me wrong. I'm not being apologetic here about being a less than perfect Mom. I'm actually just trying to be the best mom that I can be. But it's a description that just doesn't fit me, although it's kind of nice that at least some people can't tell how frazzled I really am half the time.
Having said that, I'm actually feeling really refreshed and kicked right now after a game of squash. I've taken up playing the game with my husband and he's been beating the crap out of me at it. Have you ever sprained your left butt-cheek while playing squash? Not that I'm saying this has happened to me. But sorry, that isn't very a Supermom-like question, is it?
Oh well.


  1. I am a new follower from Cairns Australia.

    You are a supermum, as long as you are striving to be your best, success will always follow.

    Squash- nothing like starting at the top. I remember the last time I played squash I couldn't walk for two days. I learned what the DOMS mean.

    Delayed onset muscle soreness!!!

    Have a good weekend.
    Also, feel free to drop past our family friendly blog when you have a minute.


  2. Supermen hide that sprained butt cheek with that cape and a stony expression.

    Supermoms - tell me what did you do?

  3. I don't know about supermoms, but the other day I met this girl who has triplets! They are nearly five years old now, and she looks fresh out of college.
    Hope you recover soon from the sprain. Happy squash to you and V!

  4. I didn't comment here? Or did you not like me post? :-(
    Don't remember if I did, so here I go, ... again?
    To me, you are SuperMom, not because you are the perfect MOTHER (no one will ever be that, even if they come out with a manual on "How to Raise a Human Being"} but because you are doing SO MUCH else AND being a good mother at the same time. You haven't put your life on hold, like so many of us do. (No regrets on that count, may I hasten to add. Personally, I was never career minded and was, still am, very content to be Arup Deb's wife and MiniBozo's Mom.}

    But I do know lots of women who seem to suddenly wake up when the kids are grown and find themselves at a lose end. And you, Y, are so talented, .... but don't let me get started, or I might only embarrass you!

    Love you, beta!


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