Tuesday, March 22, 2011


My daughter really has a way about her.
I scolded her about something this morning. I knew I was being a tad unreasonable about it. Mornings with three squalling babies and trying to get ready for work are a little-bittle difficult to handle sometimes.
After I finished scolding her, I saw her nostrils flaring and knew she was going to lose it with me. She began to say 'Mama...you're being st...' but better sense somehow prevailed, and instead she chose to convey her message musically.
Nostrils still flaring, but her mouth beginning to twitch, she started hopping from one foot to the other, and then she began to sing. Initially, I had to strain my ears to make out what she was saying but by the end of it, she was nice and loud.
It was a fast-forwarded version of Zoobie-Doobie.
Zoobie-doobie-zoobie-doobie...naache kyon...pagal stupid MA'.
Point made.
And thanks, Vijay, for teaching her that one.


  1. Ha Ha Ha ...We need more Vijay tales here:))))

    She is too cute...my daughter's favourite is "Amma dont ever say that again"..."Amma why are you mad at me"....these girls I tell you...my lil one is 4 btw..


  2. Will you take it amiss if i applaud the child and ask her for an encore?

    Ofcourse I am on your side, but this does deserve a standing ovation.

  3. ROFL.. so she was 'hopping' mad hehe. BTW that's a great asset in life.. to be able to sing and dance when you're angry.. keep it up girl!

  4. Adorable. Kids her age have so much presence of mind? most of the times, even at current age, a funny or smart response only comes to me when the moment has passed.

  5. Peanut, that was brilliant!!!!
    (And I'm sure you think so too)

  6. my girl is definitely a character as well. raising her is alot different than the experiences with my boys.

    and really i wish that i had her method of dealing with strife in life...instead of yelling at hubby or kids, i could just start to sing and dance.

  7. So Peanut went nuts? Lol, that was cute! Take a look at the clip I posted last night! Muahs to you all!

  8. Hahah!
    Can't wait her to see do that!

    Also, long time lurker, first time poster.

  9. I will surely bookmark this. Great blog

  10. Brilliant kid! I like, super-like the mode of communication!


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