Saturday, March 26, 2011

The 11 o'clock Show

I figured yesterday that Vijay and I should go for the late night show of 'The King's Speech'. By 11 p.m., hopefully all three kids should be in bed, and what was a little loss of sleep when it came to watching such an acclaimed movie.
I thus booked the tickets online and off we went at the appointed hour. One hot chocolatey brownie, a huge tub of popcorn and a large coke accompanied us into the hall.
I was terribly sleepy however, and I have to say that while I really liked the movie, it's not exactly the riveting fast-paced kind that would keep you wide awake at that late hour. But I had a lot of fun and net-net decided that this kind of movie experience could be managed once a month.
Vijay was making sighing and making comments like 'Arrey, yaar....bahut dheere bolta hai...' I thought he was just being funny till the end of the movie, when we walked out hand in hand but realized that our views on the movie were completely opposite.
'WHAT?' he said 'You LIKED IT?'. He then proceeded to say something that annoyed a lot of people who were walking out with us towards the lift, something along the lines of how 'next, koi maharani ko zukaam ho jaaye aur usse koi doctor theek kare, uspe movie banayenge!'. He thought it was predictable, plotless and felt like an extended serial instead of a movie.
I thought it was eminently enjoyable and that the acting was truly superb, even though I did feel that the plot was very predictable. I said I liked the acting a lot...the King, his wife, his brother and of course, the Speech Therapist.
Vijay thought about it and said 'I liked Aunty'.
Which Aunty, I enquired.
'Wohi...wo aunti jissne King ke bhai ko phassaya...woh mast thi'.

Whatever, Vijay. Seriously, should have just let you watch Dabanng at home on your laptop, the corny dialogues of which you were chuckling at, like a teenage boy, just before we left for the hall.

Next late night movie, you get to pick. And I'll be picking the holes in it.

What fun!


  1. Vijay sounds like the perfect candidate for being a DesiMartini Movie Jockey!

    PS: You English-medium types hype these kind of Brit movies endlessly. SRK haklake K-k-Kiran bolta hain toh hamming aur Colin Firth haklata hain toh Oscar?

  2. Laughed my head off at Vijay's responses! The spouse and I both loved the movie, the 21 year old didn't care for it.
    (Vijay is still known to my family as the 'lastic ka pyjama' guy)

    Waiting for your revenge:)

  3. I totally understand where you're coming from when you say you'd like to make this a monthly affair for just the two of you. I have an over-exuberant 22 month old, who's rarely ever been baby sat; which obviously points to the fact that my husband and I have never really done anything, just the two of us, since our baby's birth. So, yeaterday, being a Sunday, we decided to drop him off at my sister's and pamper ourselves at a Spa. And oh my God, was it grrrreaaattt! We left the Spa having decided this was going to be our monthly treat. I don't really know if that will ever happen, but it's nice to think about ourselves occassionally, isn't it? I hope you get to watch many more movies together! :-)

  4. @Diptakirti
    At least Colin Firth did not make any girl's skin crawl while he did so and it seems highly unlikely that he will be 'inspiring' a whole lot of creepy men to stalk innocent women.

  5. @Diptakirti
    At least Colin Firth did not make any girl's skin crawl while he did so and it seems highly unlikely that he will be 'inspiring' a whole lot of creepy men to stalk innocent women.

  6. Its been ages we have watched a movie outside..You guys had nice fun isn't it..Keep doing..

  7. Eagerly awaiting Y's revenge!
    (I'd commented earlier- but it didn't appear:(

  8. I will surely bookmark this. Great blog

  9. the 'vijay' class of humour..
    very well written, whichever posts i have read.


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