Monday, February 28, 2011

'You had TWINS?'

I'll do another, longer post some other day about the various inappropriate comments that a mother of twins receives. Right now, I'm still in the process of collecting.

But yes, the reactions that really get my goat are the ones along the lines of 'Oh you've had twins? So...

'How do you manage?!'
' Three kids? Poor you!'
'Got more than you bargained for, eh?'
'There should be a law against twins the second time round!'
And my personal favorite...
'Best of luck!'

So the thing is - I guess it must be the near death experience or equivalent with the delivery last year, or maybe the scare during the pregnancy itself with the late discovery of twins halfway through, or the jaundice when they were born - but net-net, I'm actually extremely, extremely glad to be a mother of three. I especially love the fact that I'm a mom of twins, given that I've always had a fascination with twins ever since the O'Sullivan Twins and the Sweet Valley Twins that I read about as a little girl.

I have three babies, am managing a career and am working on a very important personal project at the moment. Life is full. Overfull at times, but there's never a dull moment. Day before yesterday, I pulled out my dusty old guitar and was singing to the twins and Peanut. Vijay came in and sat down and made the twins do a highly synchronized Gangsta type dance which had Peanut and me in peals of laughter, so much so that I could barely sing. I realized that I may never get up on stage again like I used to in college, but heck, I got my very own audience - in fact, my very own set of groupies, given how the kids clambered all over me later as I lay back on the bed, making me feel like a very willing Gulliver trapped in a highly blissful and endearing Lilliput.

So yes, Mister 'Best of Luck'...

I accept your wishes for whatever they are worth as I turn my attention back to my 'little' family.

After all, more luck is always welcome.


  1. I'm glad you treating them for the nincompoops they are! Obviously they have NO idea of the joys of parenting, even if they are parents!

    I'd like a repeat performance of the whole gig, please, for my camera! Sounds delightful!

    Love you, Super Mom!

  2. Hey, Bobsey twins also!

    Enjoy your 'little' family, they grow up too soon.

  3. Don't mind the comments, When the twins are about 2 and you visit the shopping malls with Vijay and peanut in tow, you will be the envy of every one

  4. Meeting you, I saw contentment!
    However hard recent times have been for you and your family, your contentment shone through. God bless you all. (And even the well-meaning eejits, who know not what to say:(

  5. it a delight to watch two people looking the same.... they look cute...

  6. A colleague is having twins and I insantly thought of you when she announced her news.

    I think it's all very exciting, dunno what these eejits you quote are harping on about.

    It's not everyone who has the luck of having twins after all ...

  7. I met someone with twins in my condo greens and exclaimed: "Oh you are just the luckiest".

    Is there even any other thing you can say? I think twins are a miracle. My sister and I are a year apart and we are soulmates. It must be so much more for twins.

    May the force be with you ... Kala tika and all that!


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