Thursday, October 25, 2007

Words That Are Fun To Say - 1

There are some words that are nice for no reason other than the way they roll off your tongue. And for no particular reason, I have decided to compile a list of these. The first few are:

1. Repartee
2. Wombat
3. Machete (Courtesy: Ganju*)
4. And my current personal favourite: Boutros Boutros-Ghali

Try them! And do you have any favourite words?

Note: Peanut likes to say 'Huhhhh...huhhhh....huhhhhhhhhhhh'. Very versatile as this can be said in a wondering tone one minute, and with biting sarcasm the next.

*Ganju, has the word courtesy ever been used with your name before? Ha, ha. Just kidding, ole buddy.


  1. hahahaha - yes duh duh .... "courtesy-full ganju" is the war cry of many a group!

    incidentally i lovvveee butrous-butrous ghali as well - i've always wanted a double name. wombat is nice as well. let's try doubling 'wombat' - wombat wombat ... oh wait ... we've been there before. repartee is only all right.

    ok bye

  2. Boutros Boutros is my favorite too. What a cute post !

  3. My vote goes for "Poop". I know you are cleaning a lot of it right now and it might not seem endearing in the current context, but poop is the most sonorous of words ever to have been crafted.

    In school, a guy who I really hated, was in a play as a police inspector. At a crucial juncture, he screeched in his mickey mouse voice " stop! or I will poop!" Ever since, I really like the word even more so.

    Oh ya, I started blogging again.. ; )

  4. incidentally i also like the word 'affirmation' and a variant of it - 'reaffirmation'. i also like the word 'variant'.

  5. Griffindor,Juxtaposition,Pompous
    Willy Wonka,Ms Havisham,Ignominous
    Jamboree,Obtuse,Crumble,Poppet, Premonition, Sorority, Notre-Dame, Homi J Bhabha :)

  6. Hey... BB Ghali and HJ Bhaba are names and not just 'words'....
    I mean, if we are talking names then I propose Pilavulakandi Thekkeparambil Usha (PT Usha for the people who still did not get it) as the best EVER!

  7. Amanuensis. But I don't ever get to use that one.

    And my new favorite - sigmoid. Don't ask.

  8. Here's a rhyme for you:

    "Wombat stew! Wombat stew!
    Cruncheee munchy! For my lunchie!
    Wombat stew!
    Wee hoo!"

    I remember hearing it on some kiddy show decades ago.

  9. ganju: 'boutros' not 'butrous'

    poppins: thanks!

    shome: i nearly called poppins 'poopins' thanks to you.

    quirky quill: quite a list you've got there. compiling them too?

    mahogany: no fair - they have to be real words

    sue: what a fanTAStic poem - I can't get it out of my head. thank you. you just made up for all the insults!

  10. nah. I just happen to like a lot of words or least how they sound.

  11. What does wombat mean? I have not heard wombat before...enlighten.

    I like 'voluptuous', the word.

  12. I like voluptuous too

    Hmm.. this calls for a post. I was wondering what to write about, parul's comment just reminded me of Mrs Kapoor and the history classes, or why Standard IX-A in a Delhi school never learnt any history..

  13. "Camaraderie", "Connecticut", "Haradanahalli Doddegowda Deve Gowda" :)


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