Thursday, October 18, 2007

Observations and Conclusions

Observations set 1: The Power of Schmooze Award

- Squiggles Mom has awarded me with the 'Power of Schmooze award' - which means I ''converse casually, especially in order to gain an advantage or make a social connection''. Huh? I do? Thank you! I think...
- Squiggles Mom also used these phrases while tagging me with this award 'This will come as a shock but you actually have an award' and 'I want to see how gracefully you accept this (cheeky grin)'- Since I have no idea who to pass on this particular award to because I really don't know how to judge this, I will selfishly clutch it to my chest...wait, I do know! Dipali! She's a definite schmoozer, in the 'social connection' spirit - not the 'gain an advantage' one.Yes!! (Wipes brow in relief at having thought of her)

Conclusions set 1:

- There are too many awards flying around. If a tiny, nondescript blogger such as me can be awarded two of them in a week, you know there are too many awards flying around.
- Squiggles Mom appears to hate me, I know not why. She also appears to be right about my lack of grace in accepting this award.Oh well.Thanks anyway, SM (cheeky grin)

Observations set 2:

- I don't write for a few days and all my friends and family can tell me is 'Why aren't you posting new pictures of Peanut?'. No one has asked me why I am not dazzling them with my brilliant prose anymore. No one has expressed any concern about my wellbeing, or asked if they can help hold the baby for a while, so that I can type on my laptop. All they can say is 'Where are the pictures, dammit?'

Conclusions set 2:

- You all hate me, I know not why.
- I have a definite persecution complex
- And ok, you win. New post coming up soon.


  1. for what it's worth, i have honestly been missing your posts, and i don't (just) mean the pictures.

    rock on, Y.

  2.'re back!! I have been checking religiously :)

    So, another award, aye? Well, everyone who has received this one has been posting on the dubious-ness of it all...but I think somone had also researched the dual meanings and one of them was rather nice...about forging positive relationships amongst bloggers by leaving behind a trail of goodwill...or something like that. So well done,Y!!

    And now, where are the pictures?

  3. tahahaha:
    1. i'm not sure what schmoozing means - but i doubt very much if you schmooze. you've never struck me as being schmoozy.
    2. where have you been? why aren't you blogging? is all well. i am extremely concerned about your well being. also i want to, once again, be dazzled by your wit, personality and most of all aura of fear.
    3. no no no ... we don't hate you ... far from it.
    4. tahahahaha


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