Monday, October 15, 2007

Conversation with Vani

More news of the vonderful Vani - because I'm too lazy to type out anything new today.

vani: i must tell you.... I bought these lovely (tees.. or so i thot!!) from the BKK weekend market.. with pretty flower prints on them..
have worn one to office today.
you there?
me: am there
waiting to hear what the tees really were?
vani: and am now discovering that it is actually a vest!!
so here I am in office today ... in a flowery baniyan!
me: ha hahahhahahahaha
i need to use this for my blog, hey?
vani: what would you do without me!!
me: indeed
vani: and now you would want a picture of me tapping away in office in my baniyan right!!?
sorry... you're not getting it!
me:'re spoiling it...what's a post like this without a matching picture?
chalo never mind. we take what we can get.


  1. Hahaha! Hilarious! :D

    Puhlease Vani! Send a pic....puhleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! :D

  2. Ha ha ha!! Baniyaan?? Well, I can imagine doing that myself, what with being so fashionably challenged :P Not that I am saying Vani is challenged similarly, you know :D

  3. vani-o o' vani-o: worry not, these wardrobe malfunctions happen. and look at the bright side, at least this one wasn't on live television :)

    duh duh: shhhhhh. being mean!

  4. Flowery baniyan, eh? So long as nobody else catches it, I don't see the problem here...

    Perhaps that Ganju character was right about my scattiness quotient after all. *Sigh*

  5. sue: OYE - stop referring to me as "that Ganju character". terribly rude :)

    and scattiness quotient? what is a scattiness quotient? i seem to be the protagonist in this comment of yours - yet i don't seem to know why. i had merely compared your technological limitations with those of Y's.

    "explain yourself", he thundered!

    PS: i like thundering. i should thunder some more. i think i will earmark 20 minutes tomorrow afternoon for thundering.

  6. ~nm: No way are you getting a picture!! It was tough enough to be squirming at my desk knowing that I'd been parading all around in my baniyan all morning.. and that I must have been quite a spectacle! Perhaps admin in the office was similarly fashion-challenged, and thank god for that... I can't imagine the look on my face if someone were to come up to me in office and say, "office dress code requires that you wear more than just a baniyan!"

    Kunaaaaaaaal... my good friend!! I knew you would understand!! :-) Thank you for the re-assurance...
    But I ask myself the same Q. that Y asks me..."tere saath hi kyon hota hai?"

  7. LOL

    btw Vani: I have no idea why, but u look terribly familiar in the pics in the older post...

    am trying very hard to think of a connection, but haven't been able to come up with anything!

    And Y: Please to be posting pics of the baby

  8. This will come as a shock but you actually have an award!!!

  9. Well Chandni.. Am racking my brains really hard. And I don't think I ever knew any Chandni. But then I'm quite a social idiot.. so maybe sometime I did. You from LSR?

  10. Umm... scattiness quotient? It covers technolocally challenged, not noticing what is under your nose... wearing baniyans to work (have done similar stuff but no amount of thundering will drag it out of me.)

    Y, I begin to think that your Vani and I may have one or two things in common. After all, we both seem to read you regularly. What does that say about us?

  11. hahaha .... hilarious !!
    Pls oblige with a pic or two!

  12. @Vani: aaah!!!! Delhi Univ it must be then...

    No not from LSR, from IP.

    Were you in to theatre during coll by any chance?


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