Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Vocabulary Expansion

Less than 3 months old, and yet, a vocabulary of over 3 whole words

First word: Aye (as in Aye, aye, captain)

Second word: Hi (as in Hi, Mom!)

Third word, with two syllables, said for the first time today and the real reason for this post: Aga*

Babies today are clearly geniuses! Especially mine! No sir, no 'ah-goo' for her! Ah-goo is such a standard meaningless overused term. She went straight for a word with meaning.

(Oh, shut up, all of you... let a girl have her fun, hey?)

*Note: Pronunciation - Aa-gaaaaaaaaaa, with pitch progressively increasing, oft culminating in a strange hacking cough from the effort.


  1. HAHAHAHA. not only is she a genius, she seems to have a deep interest in culture and history ... well done - i am most impressed :)

    small "side-note" (TV junkie alert) - in 'Friends' Rachel gets very excited with Emma's first word which is 'gleeba' or some such thing which they find in the dictionary :)

  2. Hello twin-separated-at-birth....

    here is the beginning of the post that i was writing when i decided to come check on u...


    Adi can now say words like UMM-MAA and UPP-PAA. I thought we were imagining it but Padma, clearly the sanest and most objective human in this household ratified the same. Isn't he smart? I bet he will go to Harvard.

    What do u have to say?

  3. Awww.. so cute!

    And referring to Ganju's comment, I totally remember that episode! It was so cute to see her get all excited at her little girl "talking"!! :)

  4. She's definitely inherited the gift of the gab...

  5. OMG! Your NOTE? That sounds like MY kiddo! (She is 5 months old today).

  6. Ganju: Indeed. Thank you.

    Parul: Well, go on, finish that one then!

    Still Searching: Friends is NOT REAL. This is REAL. Gleeba, Glee-bah!

    Sue: Even your compliments are hidden jabs, aren't they. :-)

    Shruthi: Happy 5 months to your baby girl. Will be coming by to read your blog soon.

  7. Hey, you might identify with this -

    Been reading your blog - been there, done that - two months ago :D

  8. With no specific intention to disregard the brilliant anecdotes on you blog which I have come to enjoy in between moments of corporate madness...
    Just that peanuts' pictures are far too mesmerizing...and i am so used to look for new pics over new text....

    and also we dont see Y featured too much on the peanut portfolio...think Vijay has had a far too great a share of the limelight...

    BTW...did peanet try on her "Nike"

    Saurabh :)

  9. LOVE LOVE LOVE your blog. Despite being a non-mother, and actually being a little averse to pregnancy and pregnant women (don’t hate me, it not like that, I’ll explain later), I have suddenly discovered my fetish for baby blogs. Reading Sue's (who is a friend from college) blog, I stumbled on to yours, and ooooooooohhh! your baby is like a "Raajbhog". In case you are wondering, as explained to my firangi boss, raajbhog is an enormous cottage cheese ball dipped in sugar syrup. Bongs enjoy it very much.
    Anyway, so mentioned firnagi boss is very mad at me now, since I have been obsessively reading ur blog for two whole work days now. I done nothing in office but attract undue attention by laughing out loud at irregular intervals. (I've devoured the whole thing, muhahahaha). I LURVE it and U r soooo funny! (I mean in the best possible way.)
    BTW, is Vijay a consultant? His life sounds so much like my fiancé. They even go to the same places. Everything same to same...

    (sorry, is my comment too long?)


  10. So cute, so cute, so cute! You and the Peanut deserve to be smothered with hugs together!

    (now be a good girl, Peanut! Say "Aye!")

  11. Saurabh: Hi there - yeah yeah, I know, pics pics pics! And it's a bit hard for me to take pics of myself with her, you see. She hasn't tried on her brilliant Nikes yet - will make her do so very soon. Thanks again for those, very cute.

    Miss Smokey Mcpot: I like your name. So much more exciting than Yashodhara. No, Vijay is not a consultant, but yes, has a lot of travel in his job. And your comment is not too long at all. I like long comments. Saves me the trouble of reading other people's blogs :-)

    Suki: Why, thank you very much!

  12. Aww... sorry. I tend to get carried away with the insults from time to time.

    Peace, huh? (Till the next time.)


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