Monday, October 29, 2007

What's a Wombat, She Asks?

Here you go, Parul...

It is one of my prime regrets in life that I went to Australia and returned without having spotted a Wombat.

And Sue...I really want to hear that poem you mentioned...

'Wombat Stew! Wombat Stew!
Crunchy Munchiee! For my Lunchee!
Wombat Stew!
Wee Hoo!'

Is just so cute. The versions I've seen online suggest that the book by Marcia Vaughn has the rhyme as

'Wombat Stew! Wombat Stew!
Gooey, Chewy,
Yummy, Brewy,
Wombat Stew!'

I like the Crunchy Munchie one better.

And thus ends the most arbit post I've ever written.

Heck, Y On Earth Not!?


  1. But they are so cute! I want a tee with a wombat on it...a picture of a wombat on it, I mean. Thanks for the info, Y!

  2. Wouldnt it be cool if Wombats were Bats in the womb... ? Like butterflies in the belly....

    I am having a tough day in office..~walks away~


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