Monday, September 3, 2007


Birds do it, and so do the bees,
Our babies are made by acts such as these,

MadMomma's tag is hardly a breeze
It's all that Sue's fault - outspoken piece of cheese,

But if you're a new Mum with stitches from your episiotomy,
And for now, stay in the house of your own loving Mommy,

In a room which is meant for the innocent guest,
With doors oft flung open to North, East and West,

And your husband is obsessed with your new daughter,
Not looking at you as often as he oughter,

And he comes to visit only two days in the week,
Baby sleeps in the middle, and you talk Babyspeak,

All I can say is 'Hah! Big fat chance,
Of any sort of Ardour - forget about Romance.'

Who knows? Maybe after some time, the dam will burst,
But if you don't hear from me on this again - please assume the worst.

Note to MadMomma - are you happy now? Gah! Will soon make up my own tough tag and get you for this...


  1. finally! whats with you young people and embarassment. you werent too embarassed to produce a baby i notice :p

    and sure... go ahead. tag me for anything in the whole wide world - just remember, to tag, you need to do it first :D... by the way - fantastic attempt.

    achcha why is that poor peanut in mittens all the time?

  2. I can very much understand :)
    Very beautiful poem :)

  3. Mad Momma: Oh, right. I have to do the tag first. DAMMIT. Peanut is in mittens because she keeps scratching herself. One day we will remove them. I think.

    Dipali, Mona, Moppet's Mom, Argee: Thank you :-)

  4. Be bold and brave and cut her nails- the more sensory inputs she gets now, the better!

  5. What, no comment from Ganju yet? Very clever little post of course, needless to say... I just read all the tags, they were interesting and/or impressive :)

    oh and... here's hoping u get some soon!!!

  6. I second all those trying to get Peanut out of her mittens. It's true. If you don't want to trim (although baby clippers are surprisingly easy, go for the simplest design, just a small version of what we use) you can always file her nails softly after a bath.

    She needs to feel things with her hands, try to grab at them and hold on to them. Do you realise you don't get to have her hands swiping at your face?

    As for assuming the worst, don't worry, eventually lust will overcome obsession with new baby. :)

  7. oh yeah - cut nails while baby sleeps. i know you have other plans while baby sleeps. but its the easiest i am told.

    foolish as i am, i always cut while they are awake so that they get used to it. most kids trouble a lot and you have to hold tight. but the brat got used to it soon and now sits perfectly still. bean will get there i hope. *sends up a silent prayer*


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