Sunday, September 30, 2007

Aww, Shucks...

Thank you to Unpredictable for this award. I could never have predicted this from you. But seriously, it's really very sweet. I like the colour, too! In fact, can I make this my template? Okay...down, girl, down.
Yes, now, getting down to business - I pass this on to girl bloggers who I like. And because I like ceremony, I solemnly hold my right hand straight out as I do so (thus, this post is taking all day for me to type out - I hope you appreciate this):
- Rohini - hah! I just told you day before that you rock and now I bung this at you - although you're going to get this bunged at you from all directions. Nevertheless - here, catch!
- Sue -because she's the actual 'girl' around here, maybe still on the right side of 25. And she's opinionated and outspoken.
- Grafxgurl - because she is one person who actually loves what she does, and she also designs awesome templates, and on top of everything, her blog is fun to read.
- Dipali -because she's sweet and finally started her blog and she has four grown up kids but still seems like a 'girl' to me- but mostly because it's going to be fun to watch what this self proclaimed 'techno-dinosaur' does with this award - she is driving me crazy because she still hasn't fixed the links on this post.
Ok, bye!


  1. Y, thanks for the award. Now please guide the dinosaur in getting it to her blog! The links on that post are all available on my blog roll, so I'm not tinkering with that now. Do you want new posts from me or not, my deah?

  2. oh wow!! this is so cool! i think this is my first time here and im already feeling so loved!!

    Thanks a ton!! :D

  3. Aw thanks. I think you've rather left me speechless. Never been awarded anything before.

    *Backs off in disbelief and goes to look at the shiny new pink badge once more*

  4. Ooh thanks. Love the badge - will take up the tag soon...


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