Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Happy School Featured on CNN-IBN

I wrote about my Saturdays at the Happy School in Gurgaon a while back, and received a lot of emails from people who wanted to volunteer. Mrs. Capoor still needs help, more so during the weekdays just now - am hoping that now that the Summer Holidays are over, this will happen.

Thrilled to see the wonderful lady and the kids in this video - I recognize the little boy who's speaking, too!

You can catch it on the India Positive Show on CNN-IBN today (July 28th) at 6.30 p.m. if you're so inclined. Or just watch and help share this video!


  1. Hey Yashodhara...I was actually the one who suggested the story to the India positive team after reading about the school here: ) I work with CNN-IBN & have been a longtime reader of your blog. Love your writing & loved your book too!

    1. Neha, thanks a so glad to know this! The school is doing great work and it was a very nice feature. Many thanks to you, and for the kind comments about the writing!


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