Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear Hia

A certain Varsha left a particularly warm comment on my post on 'Learning About Learning.' This is my reply to her, but I felt it warranted a post of it's own. 

Varsha's comment: 

Dear Yashodhara I read this blog post yesterday and there were just so many similarities between Peanut and my daughter Hia that as soon as Hia was back from school I had to tell her about Peanut. Hia was thrilled to hear about Peanut. Hia is 6 yrs old too. She was born on 6-10-2006. She started learning the Piano in April this year as well and is really proud of herself for having been called above average by her teacher. She is also an avid reader and has recently taken up the challenge of reading 'The faraway tree' which I had been reading to her all this time. When she heard about Peanut her first question was - is she older than me? Then - Is she doing the 'Jhon Thompson's Easiest Piano Course'? Is she on book 1 or book 2? And which is her favourite piece and how far has she got yet? Is her Faraway tree book as heavy as mine? etc etc. I am writing this comment hoping for some answers to those questions because now I am not going to have any peace until she finds out those answers. 

So here's my reply: 

Dear Varsha and Hia, 

A big hello from Peanut and me. I am sorry about the fact that it took days for me to respond to Hia's queries. Peanut is a few months younger than Hia - she will turn 6 later this month, and we are planning her birthday party. She is terribly excited about her new digital piano, and is keen to have the party at home so that she can play a few songs for the guests - including Happy Birthday to herself! 

She actually asked me to play the Happy Birthday Song for her, but I refused because I said it was her day and her piano, and that I didn't want to show off. But last night, after she went to bed, I actually sneaked over to the shiny new piano and practiced for half an hour on it. I was filled with a new sense of wonder about how little kids learn things so fast, because I found myself struggling with a couple of songs - one called 'Join the Fun', and then the good ol' 'When the Saints go Marching in' - which by the way, to answer Hia's second question, is Peanut's favorite song these days! 

She is learning from an institute called Theme, and she has just moved to the book which is for Grade 1B. I wouldn't know if her Faraway Tree book is as heavy as yours, but it's really great that you guys are reading this book - I remember the first time I read an Enid Blyton, I must have been about 8 - I am pretty sure it was a Famous Five. So if you guys are reading these books at just the age of 6 - well, you're wonderful. 

I read your comment to Peanut ( actually, she read it herself) and she was very happy about it ( although she wasn't too happy about my calling her Peanut - 'That's NOT my name, Mama!) In any case, I hope you do read this, and maybe some day, Peanut and you can actually meet and exchange notes on your music, reading and many other things!

Lots of love, 



  1. Kids' talks and their news always have a charm! Wishing you goodluck with Piano practice!

  2. Dear Yashodhara and Peanut,
    I wrote a loooong comment but it sort of disappeared when I clicked publish - so I'm writing it all over again.
    Yashodhara - Hia is soooooooo thrilled to have a blog post dedicated to her. I write a blog too but such a thing has'nt happened there yet (much to her chagrin now that she knows how much you write about Peanut in your blog)and so it is very very special and she says a big thank you.
    Peanut has probably celebrated her birthday by now so "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" . I am sure it was a fun party with the new piano.
    Hia's birthday is in October and both of you are invited!
    Hia's Dad didnt quite believe her when she told him that her Mamma has a friend who has a baby called Peanut (we make up a lot of stuff to fool him - so we had to forgive him that). Anyway now that Hia knows that Peanut is not your real name she is waiting for her Dad to get home to tell him that you are a real person who has replied to all her questions and who has another name just like her. Her name at school is Noyonika by the way.
    It would be great fun to meet. We live in Mumbai. Drop in any time you are here. My email id is - you can exchange notes about tunes youve learnt and books you've read until you meet.
    It is great to know you.
    Have fun! Cheers!
    Varsha and Hia.
    PS - your book is great - loved it
    PS to PS - Hia and Peanut have the same haircut


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