Saturday, March 1, 2014

I Want To Marry Someone

Peanut came up to me as I was in the middle of a Zumba class yesterday, and tugged at my T-shirt.

'Peanut.' I hissed, batting her hand away. 'I've told you not to interrupt when I'm taking a class, right?'

'Okay, Mama, but this is important.'

'What?' I glanced apologetically at my students and bent down, feeling irritated. Why do I even bring her to class, I asked myself.

'I want to marry someone.'

Silence for two seconds.

'Okay...' I swallow. 'Who?'


'Who's that?'

'He's in my class.'

Thank god. It was just another six year old. ''Well, we'll talk about it after my class, okay?''

She grinned at me shyly and muttered 'But we've already decided to marry.' And ran off to the back of the room.

I tried to focus on my class, but I was both shaken and amused and it played on my mind.

Later in the evening, I brought it up with her again, as she was in the middle of reading her book. ' you want to tell Daddy about Aditya, too?'

'No!' She looked a little panicked at the idea. 'No way.'

'But why?' I asked.

'Just.' She said, her jaw set adamantly.

 I pressed on 'Okay, how about you tell me more about him?'

She thought about it for a long moment and then shrugged her shoulders and then she said carelessly. 'Look, I don't know him THAT much.'

With that, she went back to her book.

Well, it's pretty much how her parents decided to marry, so I guess it should be okay.

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