Monday, March 24, 2014

Big Questions

Occasionally I start agonising about whether it is yet time to go back to work. 

I decided to put the question to higher authorities today.

"So, do you think I should get a job?"


"Yes? Okay... What job should I do?"

"Umm... I think... Zero." Said Papad.

"What? I'm serious. What job should I do?"

"I think.. Red... Blue... Green."

"Papad!! I'm saying what JOB?"

"WHAT Isss JOB-a?" Shouted back my equally frustrated son. 

Never mind, I growled. I went in search of Peanut instead. 

"Peanut, listen. Do you think I should go back to work?"

"Anything you like." Said the little one wisely.

"Okay. But what should I do? What work have you seen me do?"

Peanut, who likes lists, got very interested and started ticking it all off.

"I've seen you writing books." Hmm. True that.

"I've seen you teaching the Happy School kids." Yes. Worthy cause, if only one day a week.

"I've seen you buying Tara's gift." ( recency effect - the party was yesterday. Still. I was beginning to feel better. Nothing like a little ego massage from your offspring)

"And the Zumba?" I prompted.

"Oh ya, I forgot that... And the piano and the singing?"

While these are actually classes I'm taking, I thought what the heck, if the daughter thinks it is work, it's probably work in some way. Besides, am certainly paying a lot of attention to her musical education. Not a bad mom. I began to preen. 

"And the cakes you bake for us...and you helped me with my Macau Diorama project... And took us all for Pickle-Papad's graduation day."

I was satisfied now. "You're right, Peanut." I patted her on the head and sighed " I do a lot of work even if I don't go to an office. It's all going to be fine."

"Sure" said Peanut cheerfully and skipped out of the room to play with her brothers.

She then popped her head back in and said -

"But Mama!" Her eyebrows were knitted with worry."Where will you get MONEY from?"

After a few moments of aghast silence, I started to wail.

She stared at me in fascination for a while and then decided I was joking. She giggled and waited for me to stop. I just wailed louder.

"Silly mama." she pronounced and disappeared again, leaving me to my tears and now-stifled sobs. 


  1. I'm rather amused that you're now known for your cakes. Didn't see it coming six years ago, eh?

    If it makes you feel better, I still feel mildly surprised when my rice and dal come out edible.

  2. WHAT Iss JOB-aa?! Oh I love Papad!


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