Thursday, February 27, 2014

Review Round-up: Sorting Out Sid

I thought it's about high time for this! My new book 'Sorting Out Sid' launched earlier this month, and here are some of the reviews that I've managed to catch.

The Official Flipkart Review reads like this: 

Yashodhara Lal’s writing is witty and also full of empathy. It is a wonder that being a woman she has created a full-rounded, flawed and confused male protagonist. I think everyone can relate to Sid and what he goes through. At the same time, the writing is lucid and does not stretch too much on any one issue or scene. A light read for a day that you do not want something literary. (Go to the book page on Flipkart now)

Sakshi Nanda, whose very detailed review is one of my favourites. From her review:

Sorting out Sid’ is a quick-stepped narration that trots the story forward, a real story we can spot in our own milieus. A reality so real, either from our own life or from our neighbour’s. So real, it makes you become a part of the book instantly. It makes us think, as it makes us look around. And it makes us laugh out loud.

Priyanka Roy, who says in her write up: 

I hadn’t read the author’s previous book Just Married, Please Excuse. I wasn’t aware of her writing skills and must I say, I’m quite taken by her writing. Her ability to characterize is at par with quality writers. There is a quirk in the book that is contagious. With a steady dose of humour amidst quite serious incidents in Sid’s life, you never realize when you’ve cruised through the climax. 

Kokila, who states, amongst other things: 

I liked the book for authors writing style which is witty ,sharp and short.The people were not a black and white but of a believable grey.

Sri, whose review reads: 

Another thing which I liked about this book are the jokes-most of them are so hilarious, you can’t help but burst out laughing!

Would definitely recommend this book for all those looking for a light, fun book that is realistic and isn’t preachy.

Matheikal, who states his belief at the end of his review that the author is capable of more depth :)

The plot is very lifelike.  The characters are drawn from the next door.  You know them; you have seen them.  They belong to our own society, with its superficiality, lack of both emotional and intellectual depth. 

Itchy, who begins her review by asking: 

From the author of Just Married Please Excuse comes another breezy read, this time a totally male centric book. So what would a chik lit about the male species would be called, I cannot resist asking as I review this long over due book? 

Gingerchai, whose review reads: 

If this sounds a weary story, trust me it is not. Yashodhara adds an undercurrent of well-measured humor that never allows for a dreary chapter. While Sid sorts out his life perpetually, it is always with a tinge of comedy throughout as the cover says of a ‘Man In Progress’.

The Mad Momma, who does a round-up of several books, and honours me by including mine! 

She brings up a lot of very modern day issues through the book-  careers, Peter Pan men who don’t want to grow up, insist on bean bags being part of a more elegant home, don’t want to have kids, mostly cannot think beyond themselves. The love interest Neha is a divorced mother, and I smiled each time I watched those scenes play out.

That's it for now - there were some earlier write-ups too which I had written about. 

Looking forward to seeing more reactions over the next few weeks! 

Let me know if I've missed your review in comments to this post!  

Are you convinced about buying your copy yet? Y on earth not?

Go to the Flipkart page to read many other reviews, and of course, to actually get yourself a copy of the book! 

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