Sunday, February 2, 2014

Out with the Kids

Over the last several weeks, I have found myself taking my 3 kids out more than ever before. It may have had something to do with young Rinki having gone away, their holidays, my general vela-ness, but there was a lot of this going on.

Despite the gloomy winter, I didn't miss too many opportunities to get them out of the house especially when there was even a hint of sun. While each of these little excursions is probably a post in itself, I thought I would record the trips nevertheless before I forget them all:

- A memorable trip to the Delhi Zoo, perhaps the only one I've written about.
- An afternoon at the Kingdom of Dreams, Gurgaon where they marvelled at the performance but more at the sandpit.
- A beautiful sunny ice-creamy day at Select City Walk, Saket.
- The discovery of a little Play Area and a Cafe Coffee Day inside the Delhi Gymkhana
- A random trip to Galleria, Gurgaon to watch a performance by a music school on a freezing winter night
- A spontaneous trip to CyberHub,Gurgaon where we didn't really get beyond the play area and the Angels in my Kitchen outlet
- Peanut's school fete, as lovely as the previous year but it was just so terribly, terribly cold that day. The highlight was standing in line for half an hour for Candy Floss. Pickle and Papad just stood there mournfully until I reached the front, disregarding the instructions to step back from the damn thing.

- A picnic at my all-time favourite - Lodhi Gardens
- A day at the Eco-Rail-park at Chanakyapuri where the enterprising children wangled themselves some Maggi.
- But the biggest hit of all - a trip after twenty years for me to the Children's Park near India Gate, where the kids all went a little nuts! And yes, that's some Candy Floss again.
(And my ever-sporting mom, the Grandmother who's always up for an out-of-the-blue excursion!)

Good fun, I have to say. Good fun. 

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