Friday, February 14, 2014

Conversation in the car

We are on the way- 3 kids, me and a cake- to celebrate the birthday of their Anjali Masi.

"Where does Anjali Masi live?" Asks the curious Peanut.

"In America."

"We are going to AMERICA?"

"No, no" I clarify "she is coming to Gitanjali-masi's house. We are meeting there"

It occurs to me that Peanut may not be very clear on the relationship so I ask "do you know who Anju Masi is?"

"Yes. She is the one who came yesterday to our house"

"No- I mean do you know how she is related to you?"

"Yes. She is my fake Masi."

"What!! No..."

"But Gitanjali Masi is my real Masi, so Anju Masi is my fake Masi."

After a few moments of my clarifying the concept of cousins etc, something else strikes her.

"So her mother lives here and she lives in America?"

"Of course. That's how it works when you grow up."

Peanut looks worried "I am always going to live with you."

Now it's my turn to look worried "but peanut... You have to move out someday... When you're all grown up.. Like 20 years old..."

"No! Never!!"

"What about when you get married?"

"Even then! I will get my husband to move in..."

I am digesting this declaration when Pickle pipes up.

"I will build my own house."

"See?" I turn to Peanut again "even your brother will build his own house."

"I also" Papad is never far behind his bro.

"Both of them will live in their own houses" I beam at my Sons.

"I will build of straw..." Says Pickle.

"I will build of sticks..." Says Papad.


 I say to Peanut "Even the Three Little Pigs moved out when they grew up..."

She just crosses her arms and glares at me. And then snaps "Well, that's because they're just PIGS!"

- I have nothing more to say and the topic is closed. - 


  1. Hahaha..we just can't answer kids especially when they have a valid point!;)

  2. I can so relate to these conversations Yash...the same thing happens between my almost 7 girl and 4 yr old boy. He has to give his 2 cents for everything to gain some brownie points..which turn out to be so irrelevant..such a cute phase..wish they never grow up and stay like this forever...sigh!!


  3. This made such a delightful read! Enjoyed reading the tete-a-tete between you and the kids:)

  4. Haha!!

    Ek se badh ke ek :)

    Cute lil kids and the poor mommy :p


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