Monday, January 20, 2014

Things I got to hear today

"Mama! What if someone destroys the whole world? What will happen to us? We will all DIE!"

"Mama! What if I have an enemy? And then that enemy comes to my MARRIAGE and kills my HUSBAND? What will I do then?"

"Mama, mujhe plane mein jaana hai. Main kabhi bhi nahin Gaya plane mein. Mein Sikanderpur (he meant Singapore) jaunga plane mein."

"Mama, mujhe Hubba-bubba chahiye. Ek, do, paanch, eight, nine, SEVENTEEN!!" (Holding out ten grubby fingers)

"And mama, you know, in my secret seven book there is a famous five! Mumble mumble ( incoherent with excitement) and even Timmy the dog, woof woof!!"

"You bought only TWO chocolate eclairs? Can I have a whole chocolate eclair, Please? Okay fine, we will ALL share. Half-half for me, half-half for you?"

"And now DADDY is here to tell you all a story. Today we will hear the story of Superman and Doodhwala..."

Yes, there's never a dull moment around here. Ranges from the morbid to the cute to various other things. But dull? Nah. 

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