Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Thank you much :)

Just a quick post to say -

- I really appreciate the comments to the previous post. Yes, I'll keep the blog alive and just write whatever comes to mind. It will continue to be stuff around family life, but now with more snippets around the process of writing, basis your feedback.
- I'm going to try and be more regular with writing here. Posts may not be very long going forward, but I'm going to try and ensure that at least the blog is not neglected for weeks at a time. Once a week should be good.
- This month is an important one for me - as you likely know, my new book 'Sorting Out Sid'  is launching, and I would really value your support to get the word out. I'll be doing a blogger's contest soon, so please do participate. There's a fabulous pre-order offer, if you're intending to give the book a go, buy it before the launch at this link- which means now!  (200 Happily Unmarried Mobile Beanbags worth Rs.300 will be sent out with the pre-ordered books). And of course, Facebook shares of the link are most welcome, or whichever form of social media you favour. Every little bit helps.
-In case you'd like to give the book a trial, here's an extract. If you'd like to read more, you could also just go ahead and sign up with your email ID on the form near the top right of this page and I'll mail you the first 3 chapters. It's as simple as that. (If you feel like emailing me for them, go ahead - I'm at yashodhara dot lal at gmail dot com. It's just perhaps a little easier for me to organize stuff if you sign up in the box)
-If you're on Facebook, you'll be able to find me here. And on Twitter here. Just in case you want to stay updated on some other shorter-format stuff on a more regular basis.

So that's it. You guys are awesome. Please do stay in touch! 

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