Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Sorting Out Sid: Beer and Blogger Contest

I'm really happy to announce the ''Beer & Blogger'' contest around my new book 'Sorting Out Sid'' - where 10 Bloggers will get to hang out with me and Karthika VK (Chief Editor and Publisher, at HarperCollins and all around super-cool person) over a mug of beer at The Beer Cafe, New Delhi - on Saturday, 8th February 2014.

We did something similar about a year and a half ago for my first book, and it was fabulous meeting so many of you  over a riotous lunch - we can expect it to be even more riotous this time, given that this is beer-themed - a natural choice because Sid in the story is very fond of his beer! In fact, I think that's his only steady relationship. Ha ha. (And no, he's not an alcoholic) 

So here are the very simple rules: 

1. Write a post (in about 500 words) on your blog about why you would like to read Sorting Out Sid. (You will of course get a copy of the book when we meet) (Click here for book trailer, description and excerpt) 


Write a post ( in about 500 words) on your blog about any Funny/Embarassing/Awkward/Memorable Incident involving beer!

Extra points for being saucy, witty, funny since that is what the book is like!

2. The Team at HarperCollins and I will shortlist 10 Delhi-NCR based bloggers to join us at the Beer and Blogger meet. You'll all be treated to a fine afternoon hosted by the nice folks at The Beer Cafe

Not Delhi-based? Fear not! As before, I have kept 10 copies of the book in reserve for Non-Delhi based bloggers. You can participate in the contest with the same rules above and if your story wins, you will receive in the mail an author-signed copy too. (Note: they will not be shipped abroad, but you can win them for family and friends here!)

Keep the following in mind, please: 

1. The Title of your blogpost must be ''Sorting Out Sid - Beer and Blogger Contest''
2. You must include a link back to this post somewhere in your post for your entry to be valid. (Let your readers find their way here and check out the contest for themselves!)
3. Please ensure you leave a comment to this post with a link to your entry ( Otherwise, how the heck will we find it?)
4. It is optional to include the book cover, book trailer or book description in your blog post. (You'll find them all right here.)
5. It is also optional to spread the word on social media about your entry to this contest, or to include the link to the book page on Flipkart 
6. Both points 4 and 5 above will certainly win you my love and affection, if not necessarily the contest ;)
7. The contest is open until 31st January 2014 only. The decision of the judges will be final. No late entries will be entertained. In fact, if you get your post up before 15th Jan, you may be one of the Early Bird winners to be announced on Jan 20th. So don't procrastinate - get going. Come on - there's free beer at stake! Ha ha. 

Look forward to getting your entries. All the very best! And remember, there will be 20 people who get free signed copies of the book (10 from Delhi and 10 from other locations!). So go on and let the beery ride begin! 

Cheers! *Clinking together of beer mugs*. 


  1. One small correction, Yashodhara. In point 6, instead of 'points 5 and 6 above', it'll be 'points 4 and 5 above'. All the best for your book :)

  2. Noted, sir :) - and this is why we have Editors! Thank you for the wishes!

  3. Hi Yashodhara

    Here is my post for this contest:

  4. Can a reader also participate or does one compulsorily need to have a blog

    1. Sure Sherlin, you may not have a blog, but you're likely to be on Facebook right?

      Join my Facebook page ( and share your story on Facebook with a tag to that page. We are reserving one or two places at the Beer Cafe for some social media winners too!

      Also see if you can tag HarperCollins India page and TheBeerCafe on your entry, but that's optional.

  5. Hi Yash

    Here's my entry :)

  6. I LOVED the kidnapper scene in Sorting Out Sid!!

    1. Heh heh. Thanks Ana. I loved writing that one too :) - please don't forget to give the book a review/rating on Flipkart/Goodreads when you have a couple of minutes. Always appreciated!

    Posted, finally!

  8. Looks like a very beerful contest, would surely read your book.

  9. Hi Y,
    My entry is at
    Guess its late but came to know about it today and then it takes something (I don't know what) to make lazybones take part in some contest. He he .... may be you are too (ch)beerful a writer ....Hic. hic.LOL

  10. I finally wrote mine! Here is it: Loving your book, Yashodhara!

  11. So it is not Koffee with Karan BUT Beer with 'Y'ashodhara :-)

  12. Hi Yashodhara,

    Thanks for remembering me. I have managed to quickly pen down my thoughts and enter the contest.. Me n hubby can't still stop talking about your first book. All the best for your new launch. Here's my entry


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