Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reading (HairCut) from Just Married Please Excuse

Finally got the videos right. Thanks to young Gaurav Joshi, my talented nephew. What would we do without our talented nephews, eh?

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  1. Hi Y,

    Jmpe was a fun read. I guess the best part about the book is the ease in which the story flows and :) (ahem! clears throat*) the fact that most of us married women can use the book as a hand-mirror. The fights, the differences, the ache....There are times when i feel like throwing up;wondering how i had missed the caution board when i got married. Thee 3 hour jmpe read was amazing. It is also equally amazing to have dat ever-patient, ever-forgiving person you can annoy till there is an actual bhookump. Book lovers dust on you! :)


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