Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letting Go of Some Excess Baggage

So it's strange - I struggled with my weight for the longest time post pregnancy - and while I was doing the Zumba over the last few months, shocked people in the class with the fact that I have three kids - the story the way I liked to tell it was from '85 kgs to 58 kgs'.

Well, I just weighed myself today and found I've lost even more weight - 55.5 kgs. And the funny thing is, I'm not dieting, I've not been dancing for the last few weeks - all I've done is the Surya Namaskar for the last few weeks every morning, and I have to say that it makes you feel fantastic!

Generally speaking, it wasn't a very good weekend due to some personal issues, but I'm feeling so much better today. And suffice it to say that just like with the weight loss - sometimes things just happen after you stop trying so hard. Life is like that, you see.

P.S - one of the nicest things about having kids - even the rare warm embrace with your husband in the supposed privacy of your room tends to quickly turn into a group hug. Go team!

P.P.S - picture of me caught laughing away to glory at My Club Spark Book Reading. And this is how I feel right now.


  1. Yayyy! Keep smiling, Y, and laughing, and hugging, and happy!!!!

  2. Yash..You look so pretty ! Love the pic and joy in it :)

  3. Wow! What I would do to weigh the same as you i.e. 55 KG..except stop eating :P I love food way too much!

  4. Hi Yashodhara!
    Thats a great pic.
    Wow! 85 to 58 is really great. I am great fan of exercise as well and Ive done 75 to 50 myself at one time post pregnancy so I can Imagine how good that feels.
    Hmm..... life is strange but oh so beautiful - I am madly in love with life all the time.

  5. Great going Y! I'm trying to lose some weight myself... *trying*!!!

  6. that's incredible, you look so ravishing, I have also started doing SuryaNamaskars but need to weight and watch how many days this is gonna last ;)


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