Monday, October 8, 2012

Reminder: Giveaway till Oct 15 (next Monday!)

Thanks for your feedback so far - please remember to keep it coming. Basically, need your help checking on my book the next time you're in a bookstore. 5 people get copies of my book speedily couriered to them next week - please do help!

Details here

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  1. I am a mom to twins. Boys. Need I say more? Forget about going to a bookstore, I can't even step inside a loo of my boys are awake! So I really have no idea where your books are stocked! I've had a harrowing month ( with the dad travelling!) and I could do with feeling nice. So please select me as a winner. Just like that :P

    Oh, I notice that Pickle and Papad are a year and a half younger to my boys, so in exchange I can prep you for what is in store for you!


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