Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Reactions of the Family

...when you've written a book.

A confident 5-year old Peanut (announces matter-of-factly): I will also write a book one day. *But of course*

A curious 2-year old Pickle ( looking inside the Bhagavad Gita with keen interest): Ee kitaab Daady ne likha?

A surprised 2-year old Papad (opening some other random book and shocked to a blank inside back cover): Ishme Mama ka photo nahin hai?

P.S - It extends to discussions between the help:

Mala: Didi, Anita ne kahaan ye kitaab pe aapka haath hi photu hai...par ispe toh baal hai...yeh aapka haath nahin lagta

(Didi, Anita said this photo here on your book is of your hand...but it's got hair on it, it doesn't look like yours.)


  1. ROFL:!!! :D
    Love the diverse rippling effects of writing a book...

  2. hilarious!!!! You know what when I tell my family n close frnz that I ll write a book in the next 3-4 years..they tell me "give me the acknowledgement ur book" or "talk about us in ur book launch"!!!!

  3. Hey I have written a review of your book on my check it out..

  4. Best was Bhagvad gita!!

  5. Well...I've been wondering about the hand on the cover too :|
    The fingers looked slender, like a woman's....and then I saw the hairy arms!!
    Big mystery...this. Whose hand is it really??

    BTW, your book was lovely!!! I'm really for the late response, but the review is here :-


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