Thursday, October 4, 2012

IBN Live Chat With Y: Friday Oct 5

It is a rather busy week, this one is. Live interview on Radio one yesterday; now Live Chat on IBN tomorrow. Yes, in fact, as I look back over the last few days - with cartoon strips, book trailers, author video, radio interviews and now live chat, we can safely say I am the ''extremely multimedia-types'' (in fact, I think that's the technical term for it).

Anyway, if you'd like to throw me some nice interesting questions, you can tune in tomorrow here on this link- we start at 4 p.m. for about an hour. I promise I shall bedazzle you - not perhaps with the quality of my answers, but I type faster than lightning.

(As if lightning can type.)

P.S - this reminds me, the only time I've ever done a live chat online was when I was posing a couple of years ago as a (male) customer service rep for a website to investigate some issues. I cleverly called myself 'Yash' instead of 'Yashodhara.' And yet, I started getting stalked by some guy who kept trying to register on the website and asking the actual customer service reps 'Where's Yash?'. So if you happen to be that guy, don't log on tomorrow. Everyone else is welcome. 


  1. I FOUND YOU!!! I knew my instincts were right that time.. that Yash is really sa girl, impersonating

  2. Very funny. The world is full of clowns, especially my world.

    What gave you away? the fact that THAT dude wouldn't have known the word 'impersonating.' Although the careless spelling and the incomplete sentence was a nice try.

  3. but Y, lightning does type. It's the spark of genius that plays prelude to a thunderous applause. Been forever and 2 moons since I've mustered a hello, but hi-fives on life, The Book and all.


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