Sunday, August 5, 2012

Little Appeal and Little Giveaway


You've been a great support since the year 2006. You came, you read, you delurked, many of you didn't...Most importantly, you've encouraged the writing. And that's why I managed to sit down and write the book. Hence, this little appeal.

There's a bit of a challenge I'm facing- my publisher team has been working pretty hard to get the book out in key stores. But these are still early days and there are plenty of instances of where the book is not yet available, for various reasons. I've been prowling the stores in Gurgaon, springing out unexpectedly at hapless book store owners every now and then. But since I'm not very much the traveller, it's proving tough for me to spring out at store-owners in say, Bangalore. In all probability, they don't even know such a crazed and determined new author exists in the crowd of people making their debut at this time.

That's where you come in.

Therefore, the next time you're in your favourite ol' book store that stocks fiction books ( and I'm hoping the love of browsing at physical stores still very much exists), I would really appreciate if you could let me know if 'Just Married, Please Excuse' is NOT in stock. I will then call my friends at the publishing house ( I have them on speed dial, and I think they're trying to figure out a way to block my calls without hurting my feelings )- and tell them to check on this.

It's simple, really:

If you don't see the book on display, please do check with the store management about it - the first five people who let me know (just send me store name and location), I'm going to be sending you copies of the book for being so helpful in giving me this information.* Please also see the 'edited to add' section at end of post*
If you do see the book, and can send me a photo of it with the store name and location, I'll also be happy to send the first five people copies of the book for being so generally cool.  ( If you happen to be enthu enough to also buy the book from the store, use the one I send you to gift to your best friend. Happy Franship Day, by the way).

Here's how you can get in touch with me:

* Email me at yashodhara dot lal at gmail dot com ( Valid for both options above)
* Leave a comment on this post with the information and your email ID ( About the book not being in store)

Do sing out. I'd love to hear from you.


And thanks, Guys.

Edited to add: 

* I've already got a winner! Someone wrote to me about Crosswords, Inorbit  Mall, Hyderabad almost as soon as I posted.
* It reminds me to tell you that I already know about the larger chains like Crosswords and Landmark being an issue for another few days, so please do try and tell me about other large stores, if you can! Thanks.
* This giveaway ends on August 15th. Hopefully some other exciting stuff coming up later in the month ! 


  1. Hey, I think Teksons in DT Mega Mall in Gurgaon didn't have it either. I didn't see it displayed there.

  2. Is it available on airport book shops? Displayed well?

  3. Hey..

    It is not available at Reliance Time Out, Prozone Mall, Aurangabad either.

  4. Hitesh Ratnani

    I have emailed you from

    Novelty Book Centre and VS Mani Book Stall in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

  5. Hitesh Ratnani

    I have emailed you from

    Novelty Book Centre and VS Mani Book Stall in Vashi, Navi Mumbai

  6. The store at the Mumbai International airport had it... i bought a copy... just down a couple of chapters - it's awesome... very entertaining :-)

  7. himalaya book world at panjagutta, hyderabad, doesn't have it, and it is a pretty big store in hyderabad. my email subhorup at gmail dot com.

  8. Himalaya Book store in Hyderabad doesn't have this book either.

  9. Blossoms, Church Street, Bangalore di dnot have it when I went there last weekend.

  10. Hey Yashodhara,
    I had sent an email and had also left a comment about the Adyar Odessey outlet in Chennai where I could not spot JMPE. I guess the comment moderation spammed me :P Odessey is a big thing in Chennai and you might want to consider talking to them..
    Thanks Sia

  11. Hi Yashodhara
    Just wondering if you have ebook version yet? Please keep me posted if there is a plan for the same. I am a blogger from Chennai and writing reviews about books interest me a lot. You will be able to find some reviews for which i have got appreciations from the authors in my blog as well. Just curious to know about digital version of JMPE.

    Have a nice day
    Ponnarasi Kothandaraman


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