Monday, August 6, 2012

Itchy Reviews JMPE

Itchingtowrite reviews JMPE on the Reading Corner, and says:

A very sweet account of married life, this story left me wistful and sentimental and longing for more. 

The best aspect is that it could have been anyone's story. Yours, mine, Yashodhara's. I was head nodding all the way and feeling happy that there are others whose life looks like mine full of crazy and baseless quarrels and funny incidents like the discovery of the exorbitant price of the land they wanted to buy which prompted them to beat a hasty retreat. Sounds very familiar! 

You can read the full review here

And also, there's a bunch of new reviews on Flipkart. 

Finally, don't forget I've got the giveaway going on. Already sent out the first book to 'Indian Thoughts' of Hyderabad ( Thank you for your email) ... Come on, the rest of you, you know you go to bookstores all the time, right? :)

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