Sunday, August 12, 2012


And that means a quick post, nothing else. Go rinse out that MIND of yours.

Achha, here goes:

1. Something excessively exciting coming up on 15th August - am working with Indiblogger and HarperCollins on this. Doesn't it look cool? Plan to participate and Spread the word!

2. Only a slightly embarrassing interview of me on Surabhi's website, Womanatics. She has been too kind in her description. Bit of a giveaway happening there till 15th Aug, in case you'd like to give it a shot.

3. Also, Dipali reviews JMPE:

Just Married, Please Excuse is one of those books that can be read several times over, for the narration, the deceptive simplicity of the language, the amazingly funny imagery (a bridegroom looking like a tube of Colgate toothpaste immediately comes to mind), and the endearing quirkiness of the characters. Yashodhara does not spare herself at all, either, whether it be her predisposition to 'tamper tentrums' or her much verbalised yearning to be herself at all times.Full review here.

4. Finally, the Giveaway I announced here has led to my getting a lot of useful information from you guys - a big thank you.

I've already sent the book to three winners - Hitesh, IndianThoughts and Shankari. Will announce the other two on the 15th August (that does seem to be a date getting mentioned a lot in this post, doesn't it!).

In the meantime, the information is proving so useful that I've decided to extend the giveaway, and will be selecting 5 people who write in, randomly, at the end of the month to send them the book. So remember, it's very simple - if you go to your friendly neighbourhood store and don't find Just Married, Please Excuse there, just write to me at yashodhara dot lal at gmail dot com with the store name and location. If you do find it, take a picture with your cool mobile phone and mail it to me. Like Hitesh did below. :-)

So basically, there's a bunch of interesting things going on, and hopefully more coming up later in the month.'

In the meantime, if you've read the book, do let me know what you thought! 


  1. Halfway through JMPE. Loving it, Yash! Excited about what Indiblogger and HC have in store for us too.

  2. Does the give away apply to book being present or not in libraries as well?

  3. Hi there
    Came through your blog via Parul Sharma's. Took me a while to read through all the entries over the years. A very delightful blog to read. Can't wait to read your book. Ordered a copy today.

  4. Shankari - let me know when you're done reading :)

    Shilpa - to clarify, no, it's not about libraries - right now, I'm trying to get basic distribution in large stores in place :)

    Kavita - thanks so much, appreciate it! Hope you enjoy JMPE!

  5. Hey Yashodhara- Guess what- went searching for your book- at MGF Om Book Shop and Landmark- and the answer is Out of Stock...guess now have to pick up this from flipkart...hope to grab a copy soon...would keep you posted

  6. Reading the blog first and the book next dampens the mood. I lost the track some where mid way and I do not know when(if at all) will I find my way back to the book.

    An avid fiction reader, finds your blog much more interesting than your book.

    A request.. Do not give away the chapters of the next book in your blog :)

    Kudos.. Mom of Three :P

  7. Thanks Monika for the comment :) ...actually, there's very little from this blog on the book, although one other person has commented that it feels familiar because the characters used are the same. My next book is a work of fiction :) - but you can rest assured, if there's ever a sequel to JMPE, it will seem out of real-life - because it is!
    I hope you do read through to the end anyway, but if you don't, that's okay - thanks for the feedback, and please do continue to patronize the blog since you enjoy it so much :)


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