Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Spontaneously wonderful

Vijay: Peanut, Mama ka nose kahan hai?
Peanut: YE raha! ( smacking me on the nose)
Vijay: Aur Mama ke eyes kahan hai?
Peanut: YE aaijj! ( poking me in the eye)
Vijay: Aur Mama ka head?
Peanut: YE Head! ( bonking me on top of the head)
Vijay: ...aur Mama ka dimaag kahan hai?
Peanut (taken aback by this unfamiliar term, but recovers quickly) Chidiya le gayi!

Needless to say, there has much mirth and repetition of this little interaction - whenever Vijay finds a new audience.

But I'll get my own back.



  1. That is hilarious.. I can see Peanut will now be a regular contributor to the endearingly funny jokes around here

  2. LOL looks like Peanut has her mama's fantastic sense of humor too. maybe you should get her to start her own blog once she's old enough, I'm sure it'll be a riot!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA!!! That kid is precious!

  4. hahahahaha!!

    peanut and Vijay rock!!

    you do too! thats why this blog is so cool! ;)



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