Saturday, December 12, 2009

I have just two questions...

1. Have you also been getting these spammy comments all over the place on your blog? I am so glad I enabled comment moderation, but they are annoying. Any clue how to stop them?

2. What makes you think the onus is always on ME to amuse YOU whenever you come around here? I am particularly bored and annoyed today and I DEMAND that you tell me a joke or some other amusing anecdote right NOW.

Humph. It's a selfish world.


  1. Try image verification. Filters more comments than you'd think. And interesting blog, keep writing :)

  2. Okay grumpy,

    Watch this video on youtube.

    Abhi (Lal)

  3. hey Y! Ran into your blog..great read. Just thought I'd say a hello. Cheers Rashmi (Toshniwal)


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