Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Life Jinga La La La La LA!

Seriously, Tata Sky Plus is pretty cool.

My first exposure to this concept was when I visited my cousin Mini in Australia. I found it interesting how she recorded all her shows, so that after she came back from work, she could watch them at leisure. The best part was seeing her fast-forward the ads.

So anyway, Tata Sky's Diwali offer has got me - along with many, many others, apparently.

But it's cool. In various fits and bursts of enthusiasm, I proceed to surf the various listed programs and have - on three separate occasions - set up to record 15 + programs in one sitting.

Of course, you may be wondering whether I've actually watched any of them. Well...

I saw -

a. The first three minutes of Indiana Jones and the Something Something.
b. The first four minutes of Slumdog Millionaire ( I also thoughtfully recorded Slumdog Crorepati for Vijay, but he didn't seem happy about this)
c. The whole of a workout program called Fitness Fusion where these were these slim blonde women doing the salsa. I worked out with it while Vijay watched appreciatively. The TV, of course.
d. The first two minutes of a program called 'Most Amazing Moments'
e. The first five minutes of a fascinating show on the Great Salmon Run.
f. Half of this great movie called Dead Again. Have you seen it?

...but we did manage to watch the whole of Chicago. This last was only because Peanut allows us only to watch musicals.

So I guess haven't got the full benefit yet although I have loads of programs recorded.

Peanut uses it well, though. I record her In the Night Garden, Teletubbies and other nauseatingly sweet and educational programs on her favorite channel. And yes, she watches each and every one of them at some point of time.

Anyway, it's cool. Live Pause. Rewind. Recording. And of course.

Fastforwarding the Ads.

And I work in Marketing!


  1. Yay! A Jhinga La La story after a long time :)

  2. I'm overcome by the urge to use the word "yellow". But it just doesn't seem to fit. It's such a nice word though. The colour is only all right, though.

    How about a poem?

    There's a little bit of Yellow

    There's a little bit of yellow
    Quite pale, quite mellow
    On the face of that fellow
    Who appears to be saying hello

    Doesn't really work, does it? I didn't think so either.

  3. I actually enjoy watching ads these days after 6 months of thanks to baby TV deprivation. I even spent an hour last evening scouring channels for the new Abhi-Ash Lux ad. I really need to get a life!

  4. (now dont freak out okay...and dont laugh, i am embarrassed as is... i dreamt of you last night.)

  5. If we are hooked to TV sets 24X7, I agree with NewMumOntheBlock that we all need to get a life:)

    Liked your post. Keep writing.


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