Saturday, March 21, 2009

Am posting the answer now...

In the comments to my previous post though - so that for those who want to give it another shot after the clarification below, the answer isn't given away straight up -

The clarification is for all those looking for the 'other third possible solution' is that the ONLY two choices are - allowing it to proceed on Track A towards 3 kids on the used track, OR diverting it to Track B towards the lone child on the unused track. You can't pick up the kids, warn them off, stop the train, blah blah blah. So don't be smarties, please! Just choose one of the two...


  1. Lady, we want the answer!

  2. Oye! It's in comment 13 to the previous post.

  3. coming in late in to this...but my instinctive reaction was Track A.

    Since the other track is n ot even in use, its unfair to divert as there could be more dangers lurking ahead that the driver might not even know right now.

    The track A is being used anyway so more chances that the children might be used to them coming or at least be alert enough to move away in time.

    Also, since the track is in use, they have no business playing there anyway!

  4. i think someone is about to loose a job in ur company :) its either one big guy or a few executives ur answers would help in making the decision :P


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