Sunday, June 8, 2008

Can't Win 'Em All.

....or maybe it should be Can't Win 'Em At All.

The house hunt goes on without much success. We have found a couple of places we like, but the foul landlords have bene ghastly, stating all sorts of funny requirements such as - pay 6 months advance, another few months security, part payment in cash ( to avoid tax!), the payment in cash upfront for the full year, token advance (to be forfeited if we change our minds, to be refunded if they change theirs), two months rent to be forfeited as 'fine' if we move out before the year ends, yada yada yada ad nauseum. We have had to resist from flinging ourselves at their feet screaming 'We're not worthy!'


Work goes on and it's launch time for one of the brands I'm working on, so it's been rather hectic of late. I haven't been sleeping well, and feel a little dazed of late. It doesn't help that this Saturday and the last have been working Saturdays and the one-day-weekend just doesn't work, really. You might as well be coming into office on Sunday as well.

Scratch that.

The point is, it's been quite crazy, and it's now Sunday evening again and I'm like 'Where did the day go?'. My eyes are all swollen now and burning and my head feels heavy. Just not getting time to do anything much nowadays apart from work and I think it's beginning to get to me just a little bit. On the bright side, I think the launch is hopefully going to go well. But if things continue this way and Peanut doesn't let me get proper sleep during the nights, I'm going to launch myself out my bedroom window soon. Good thing there are bars on it. And that we're on the ground floor. Damn.


In the spirit of complete superstition, let us all say 'Thoo thoo' for the beautiful weather we've been having in Delhi. The mornings have been just magical, and while some people may say that the days are a bit muggy, I say to those people 'Try being here when you're 8 months pregnant last year'. And while that thought doesn't actually make much sense when phrased that way, I think you know what I mean. Anyway, for the weather in Delhi, here it is, one more time, courtesy Dotmom:


Peanut continues to be a rock star. She has started swaying and clapping her hands in time with music and I refuse to be embarassed about the fact that her favourite song is 'Soni de Nakhre'. Come on, you know you love it too! Look at Govinda Go!

O Kaindi Pump up the Jam, Baby, O Jaane Jaana!
(Or something)

I assure you I had several more brilliant things to say but have now forgotten all of them and am so tired that I'm ready to pitch forward into my laptop. Let's see what that would look like?


Am back!

Am gone!

Anyone up for a blogger meet in Delhi sometime soon? If interested, leave a comment, won't ya?


  1. Aww Y, don't kill yourself. Happy launch, and may Peanut be kind to you:)
    I love Soni De Nakhre myself!
    Imagining Peanut dancing to it:)

  2. Happy launch indeed, Y.
    See you in Delhi, yes? I'm there from 22nd to 6th. Mail me.

  3. hehe! super post!! had big smile imagining peanut dance! Cubby dances to any song that has beats in it!! and its so adorably cute!! :)

    am sure your launch will go brilliantly well!!

    you should really come to bangalore and try house hunt, you will think landlords in Delhi are Gods!! :(

    here 10months advance is de rigeur!! go figure! and one month notice must othawise one months rent gone!! aaaandd we anywayz give one month rent as painting and repairs expense when we leave! that is it is deducted from your LARGE advance!!

    feel betta??!!



  4. "I'm going to launch myself out my bedroom window soon?"

    Don't let the floor number stop you, the bars should do the trick if you launch hard enough.

    Get the other household members to put their weight behind said launch, perhaps.

    But wait - this is getting to be uncomfortably like the Three Sisters and the Window Pane saga, so I would seriously advise against it.

    I just KNOW your product will launch with a BANG of success. You're such a talented person. Keep at it, chin up and all, what, and a few years down the line, it'll all be worth it.

  5. What about the Jab We Met songs.. my daughter wants to listen to "moja moja" all the time..doesn't help that I have the DVD at home!

    Good Luck with the launch! Internet Media is one fun place to work and I miss it terribly..

  6. You have a one-day weekend. That is sucky!

  7. The blogger meet sounds like a great idea! :)


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