Thursday, June 12, 2008

An Important conclusion

I just came home at 7 p.m., and Peanut decided to drift off to sleep while I was feeding her. So I find myself with an unusual bit of free time and thought I'd write.

It's not been the best couple of days- both at work and at home. There's a lot going on and a whole bunch of issues to deal with. I will refrain from getting into the specifics. Let me just say this:

Everybody is an idiot. With the sole exception of Peanut.


  1. cheer up girl! :)
    and yes, they are all idiots except for the mother and the child!
    not going to ask if you found the dilli dream house after kicking the bby dream house.

  2. At least you have one non-eejit for company! And a delightful one at that:) Hugs, hang in there.

  3. and that sole exception is so worth having d idiots around, eh?
    chin up! :)

  4. Cheer up! :) Do what I sometimes do when i need cheering up - read old posts of this blog - :)

  5. :)
    Hope things get better.
    Did you manage to find a house with Delhi? It was entertaining to read your specifications :)

  6. :)

    heres hoping things look up soon!

    one is good count to have!! :)


  7. One more eejit here sending hugs your way! Take care.


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