Sunday, June 22, 2008

Bits and Ends

I'm kind of tired of these bloody landlords. They act like they're doing you a goddamn favour by considering you as a tenant for their flats. I mean, hello? There's this teensy weensy little thing known as 'rent' which is payment for occupancy of their property. That makes us the customers - and the customer is always right. Right?


So there's snotty Mrs. L who has a whole host of requirements ' less than Rs. XXXXX per month, maintenance to be paid directly, I will need two cheques, part payment in cash ( hmm, shady lady!), 3 months advance, 3 months security, 1 month extra for some work I'm getting done on the flat, yada yada yada....'

Vijay and I ( prostrating ourselves at her feet) : Oh Thank you! We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Sigh. Cry. Moan. Groan. 'K, I'm done with this.

Hopefully the house hunt will be over soon. Hopefully.

I have decided to start another blog - you may put this down as 'Coming Attraction'. I am thinking of basing it on Marketing, since that's what I do. Of course, as Vijay pointed out in his usual sardonic manner, nowadays even when a housewife goes to pick up alu-pyaaz, she refers to it as Marketing. Therefore, everybody is a Marketeer. I am hoping that unlike this blog, that blog actually says a few things that make sense - or otherwise, is confusing enough to impress a few people, who will in later years hire me for a high-paying consultancy-type role.

You may say I'm a dreamer. But I'm not the only one.

I will probably be inviting guest contributions, given the lack of time I seem to be giving to this whole blogging thing nowadays. Are you interested in being a guest contributor on a new, fantastic blog on marketing whose name I haven't thought of yet?


Peanut's new name is 'Chipkushka' because she's a total Chipku with me. She's going 'Mamamamamama' all the time when I'm around and I don't really get much time for anything else. Heck, who wants time for anything else! But still. Anyway, she's learnt quite a few gestures such as 'Kangi Karo' ( touches her head and runs her fingers through her hair); 'Namaste karo' ( folds hands together clumsily); 'Taali bajao' (tries to brings hands together and misses, sometimes gets it right) and so on. She even 'scolds' me when I refuse to feed her after being bitten by her - she cries unhappily as I cover up, and waves her finger at me wildly, in an accurate imitation of my 'Don't do that' gesture.

Her latest is 'Wah' - which of course is being taught to her by her father. I mildly suggested that may be a little more useful to teach her a few signs such as 'I'm hungry' or 'I'm tired' but Vijay looked at me blankly and went back to stretching his arm out dramatically towards the ceiling and saying 'Betu, do like THIS with your hand - and say 'Wah!''


I was a bit bored one day last week and decided to give myself a different hairstyle. Oh, all right, so I just thought I would part my hair on the right instead of the left. I did so while looking in the mirror, and immediately wished I hadn't - because there they were, irrefutable proof of the fact that I am now old - two distinctly white hair.

I couldn't believe it - I've never had white hair in my life, not even one. And almost everybody around me has some white hair - friends, colleagues, younger siblings...I've often privately pitied their premature aging and thanked the universe that my hair has stayed its original colour.

But so much for that, eh? I'm now officially old. What the early marriage, the 6 years of corporate life, the childbirth and motherhood couldn't do - the simple action of parting my hair on the right that day, has done.

I went back to parting my hair on the left, but it's too late.

I would have liked to end this on a happier note, but I can't think of anything else right now and it's Sunday night and I'm tired and I'm just thinking about how a one-day weekend isn't really a weekend at all and how it's going to be another action packed week at work from tomorrow morning and how I have to pee right now and I'm going so Goodnight.


  1. child saying wah! instead of communicating i am hungry- good move father of the child! there are higher pursuits in life than mere nutrition.

    so you have been chatting with my pujabis relatives who go marketing when they are off to get the alu for the parathas? they might give you some pretty fantastic tips for your blog.

    and the shady lady? say thoo thoo to her house and resume search.

    and left parting of the hair- be proud of your wisdom girl! flaunt the two hairs.

    and will i ever get the prize for being your most regular reader? and being the first commenter on atleast two posts this last month!

  2. good, good... shall read marketing blog too. wonder if i can ever get paid for reading... hmm...
    also, i know she's ur kid and all that... but i prefer peanut to chipkushka. :D
    hope u soon find a house to which u could say "wah!"

  3. Muhahahaha, my hair is still all black... :D

    You got another reader for the coming attraction.

  4. lol.
    so is she saying wah yet? :)

    hana says uh oh, and wow at the oddest times. i don't think she's figured out the context yet :/ in the meantime, much amusement is provided.

  5. Y, r u looking for a communications/ PR type person in ur co.? seriously, my job is hitting new lows everyday :(

  6. Chipkushka??!!! :D V cute!! I'm dying to give an exam right now... I hve this inbuilt thing wherein if I don't give an exam every year I go nuts. There isn't and exam in sight, but if you're happy to assign me a topic to write on for your other blog, I'd be very pleased to do so :D

  7. well i should call cubby Chipkush then!! and now that he can stand holding things, clinging to your legs is his fav thing to do!! i am learning to walk slowly around the house with him clinging!! hehe!!

    she can show kanghi and all?? not bad!! cubby shows complete disdain for anything knowledgable! try showing him his nose and he just looks away!! sigh!

    house hunt!! and horrid landlords!!! wish you get that nice house sooooon!!



  8. Yes, shall think of it as a 'coming attraction' then. Wont contribute much unless you really are talking about alu-pyaaz mktng!
    you know that thing about sabar ka phal being tez or meetha or whatever - so hang in there! the dream house is around the corner!
    Love to chipkushka - need to see a video of her sayung 'Wah' soon!
    Wah! kya bachchi hai. a la OSO.

  9. good luck for the house hunt
    and i love peanuts new name

    soooo cute!

  10. Good Night Y...better late than never!!!


  11. Hi.....hope you are doing good...Kabir plays loads of these games....just wanted to share them with you....since our babies anyways spend so much time on laptops!

    All the best with the house in a similar situation as we are moving to Chennai next week!

  12. Just yank the white hairs out and pretend they never existed.


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