Tuesday, November 6, 2007

What's the Use of Being a Manager?

...If you can't even manage your packing?

I'm on the verge of giving up. There's just too much stuff here and I find myself unable to decide which items can stay behind and which ones go to Bombay with us. Everything suddenly looks indispensable - except the Mr. Bear Bump & Go Mobile - which is the only thing I have been able to decide to leave behind, so far.

And this is despite the fact that Vijay already took back a whole load of stuff over the weekend. After packing everything, he asked me 'How much do you think all this will weigh?' - I examined the baggage critically and said 'Oh, you'll be well within your 20 kg limit'. It was 34 kgs.

The suitcase we are using to transport our baggage is a really old, large green one that is falling apart at the seams. After Vijay managed to struggle with it last time to finally get it to shut, it stood there like an unsightly, overstuffed frog. I then gingerly placed on top of it the 8 DVDs which I had borrowed from Vani earlier. I didn't hear a word from him about them, and I haven't been able to find them in the dustbin here, so I think he squeezed them in - my patient, accommodating husband.

However, he told me, as he gazed thoughtfully at the tattered, overfull suitcase 'Agar yeh raaste mein phat jaaye...aur sab kuchh bahar nikal aaye...' I waited expectantly to hear his plan, and he finished the thought with great confidence 'Main isko wahi chhod ke chala jaaunga'.

Clearly, a man whose reservoir of patience is as close to bursting at the seams as our suitcase.

Anyway, back to the point - I have only a few hours today in which to wrap up everything! It is an impossible task. The word 'Yaaaaaaaaaaah' comes to mind!

Come on, Y! Is this why you went to a top-notch B-school? To have all your faculties fall apart in a simple domestic organization issue?

A manager has to prioritize...to schedule...to delegate...and most importantly, have an overall strategy...

Prioritization: Diapers, Car seat, Bassinet, Bathtub, Clothes, Toiletries, Toys, Baby Gyms - yep, everything except Mr. Bear Bump & Go Mobile goes. Check.

Schedule: I have decided to split my day pretending to pack and posting mini-posts on my blog because I may not have internet access for a while now. Oh, and there's this little thing called Peanut which may require my attention now and then.

Delegate: Vijay is coming tonight to put the final finishing touches on my packing, and I have full confidence in him to do a great job. It's all about confidence in your people.

Strategize: This one is a sure-shot winner. In a masterly move, I have piled all our worldly belongings onto Vijay's bed. There's absolutely no way he can sleep tonight without tackling that pile.

I finally know why I deserve my salary. It really is kind of sad.

Well, no time to muse today. Bye bye for now - will try and post a few pics later today.


  1. More power to you, Y! Happy packing, and be back soon.

    P.S. peanut looks totally fragile in the rear view photo :) ... so make sure you get one of those "handle with care" labels before you pack HER in!

  2. :) wat a fun is being had as u move back ... are u serious? no internet??? eh what about posting? u WILL go look for cybercafe and post right? Right???

  3. if you do NOT post at least one picture of peanut every two days I'll.. I'll.. I'll tell Mum!!!

  4. effective utilization of managerial prowess is also to delegate the tasks. call d movers & packers! :D
    psst, a li'l secret... i even had to call them to move my stuff from my hostel room... they were good back then!

    and heyy, barista has wi-fi! :)


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