Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Further conversations: Always nice to hear 'I love you'

Walking on Bandstand

V: You’ll be happy…I passed up the opportunity to buy something else from the Tele-shopping network.
Y: Great, what was it?
V: It was a CD of children’s nursery rhymes – for Rs.450
Y: But we needed that.
V: Ummm…yes, but I thought…
Y: Let me get this straight. You buy a Rs.4000 Mozart CD set for our baby…but you pass up a Rs.450 CD of nursery rhymes which we actually need? How does that make any sense.
V: Well, I thought you can sing the nursery rhymes to her…but you can’t sing Mozart.
Y: (Glares)
V: Oh, sorry, okay, tum Mozart ko bhi gaa sakte ho…
Y: (haughtily) Mozart ko gaate nahin...
V: To phir?
Y: (Struggling) Usse…Bajate…hai…
V: (laughing) Bechara…wo to mar gaya hai…uski kyo bajaaye ab?Ha ha ha...
Y: (Glares even harder)
V: (Smile fading) I love you?

On the phone - 1

V: I’m going to stop off on my way home to get a haircut
Y: I can give you a haircut…come on…a good one this time
V: I love you, honey…Bye…

On the phone – 2

Y: And then I said…(blah blah blah…)
V: (muffled voice) Uh-huh…Hmmm…
Y: Are you smoking again?
V: Nooo?
Y: Vijay!
V: I love you, honey…Bye

At home-1

Y (Checking scales): WHY am I not losing weight? I just don’t understand it…I’ve been jogging regularly for weeks now.
V: Maybe because you’ve been hogging on sweets, as usual?
Y: What are you talking about? I’ve been very good about sweets.
V: Really? Then who finished the Diwali kaju ki barfi and besan ke laddoo? I had one piece of each and you finished two boxes in one week?
Y: Why don’t you love me anymore?

At home-2

Y: Stuti commented on my last post, making fun of my Hindi…she said it is ‘bahut jor se and not bahut jod se’…is that true?
V: Well…yes…jor was the word you were looking for…because jod means ‘joint’ …so do you remember the word ‘Bejod’?
Y: Yes!
V: And what does it mean?
Y: Without a joint!
V: Hmmm. That’s what I thought you would say. But no, it doesn’t mean that…
Y: Oh wait, yes…Brooke Bond Red Label chai…sach much hai bejod chai…bejod means unmatchable!
V: Well…not really…it means without a ‘jod’ …a ‘jod’ is necessary when something is broken…so it means without any break…and so ‘strong’ is the meaning.
Y: That’s a crap explanation. Hindi doesn’t make much sense sometimes.
V: Actually, it’s Urdu!
Y: Hah! That’s it! Stuti doesn’t know what she’s talking about! It’s not my Hindi that sucks…it’s my Urdu!
V: Yes, dear…but you did say ‘Buri sugandh’ the other day …the word is ‘Durgandh’.
Y: Why don’t you love me anymore?


  1. cute.... The first conv. was really good. I really liked the end :)

  2. hehehehe, hilarious, this!! "The memoirs of V and Y" - do write it sometime Y, it'll be a bestseller, seriously!

  3. You make my reading your blogs....can't imagine you trying to lose weight....You barely weighed a little more than I did....

  4. i am renaming this parivaar the mad house!

    :D what entertainment

  5. I am still on the diabolical laughter channel...and V continues to impress!!!

    Willing to even pay for part 3 of the coversations...hmm...get paid to write blogs and not go to office and eat lotsa sweets...Y you have arrived!!!


  6. i agree with anon..u shd be paid to blog :D

    loved this post..awesome as ever Y ishtyle!

  7. Hi. Been a silent ready of your blog for a while. [or maybe a comment here and there, but you definately dunn know me...that's the point]

    Anywho...just linked my blog to yours. I hope you dont mind. Do tell me if its ok, else I will remove it.


    PS : When is the book comin out ;)

  8. haha, i do the whole 'why don't you love me anymore' thing all the time too!
    it's great huh?

  9. Babe, wait till you reach where we have reached in our marriage. You dont even ask why dont you love me anymore. Only, perhaps, what will you have for breakfast.

  10. LOL
    Very funny and I get mixed with all the hindi/urdu words.
    I used the word baksheesh when talking to the panditji at the hindu temple abt how much a mundan would cost. My dh gave me a glare and a kick.The right word was daksheena..

  11. LOL! Don't trust kiran. We've been married forever and still do the why dont u love me routine.


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