Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Oh, The Joyful Days of Summer

It's that time of the year when the schools are out, and the kids are home all day long. ALL DAY LONG. And you get to see a lot more of them than you'd bargained for.

Here's what's going on around my place.

Beautiful World 

I see a bunch of science channels on Youtube for Peanut, and recommend she spends time looking at them instead of One Direction videos. After a few days, I realize she's only watching the Slo-Mo guys, who just film everything in slow motion - a balloon bursting, you know.

I scold her, saying 'What's the point of that? What do you learn?'

Her answer is simple 'I learn how beautiful the world really is when you slow down and look at it.'

I have no answer. She's probably quoting directly from the show. But I can't think of a better use of her time this summer. So I hold my peace.

Be mine, B-Minor

While leaving and getting late for work, the last thing you want is a chubby Pickle wrapping himself around your knee and saying 'Mom, can you teach me B-minor?'

'He wants to play Waka-Waka.' Peanut says by way of explanation. 'We are playing it on the piano, and I taught Papad. But I can't teach Pickle on guitar.'

'Can I teach you later?' I'm harried and halfway out the door. But the boy looks so crestfallen that I drop my laptop bag, sigh and sit down to tell him.

'Okay, so your first finger is on this fret, second fret. Then it climbs up, here like this. Then the little finger here. And the middle finger here. What are the chords?'

'D ...A....Bm....G....' says Peanut.

I play and we all sing along. And the second Pickle hears the B minor on the song, his face breaks into a huge grin, and he spontaneously claps in excitement and hops around. He can't wait to take the guitar from me and practice. And I stare at my little son, thinking that his little applause was the best this day is going to get. The best life can get, actually.

Farting is Such Sweet, Sweet sorrow. 

I'm working at my laptop in the evening, and Peanut comes and stands in the middle of the drawing room and lets out a long, fairly musical fart. She then looks really pleased with herself, and I look up at her, disgusted.

'Yuck, Peanut. That's gross.'

'It's normal, Mom. Besides, it's the silent ones that smell.'

'Whatever. You don't have to be so proud of yourself.'

'Mom, come on, it's not like you haven't ever farted.'

'Well, I certainly wouldn't do what you just did - middle of the drawing room and then looking really happy about it.'

'Yeah.' She skips off. 'I bet you do that in meetings.'

Wow,  Phoren ROCKS

Their cousin Nikki sends them an excited whatsapp video, saying in her cute British accent 'Guys, you're not going to believe this - we're moving HOUSE, and I'm SO excited!'

Peanut, Pickle and Papad are very impressed. It's only later that I find out they may have varying interpretations of why the U.K is so cool.

Papad for one, proclaims 'I really want to go to the UK! Do you know why, Mom? 'Cos Nikita saw a MOVING HOUSE!'

So Many Best Days

I give in one fine evening and order food from McDonald's. The Happy Meal comes and it makes them happier than anything else.

'How do they make such TASTY BUHGUHS?' Pickle smacks his lips and takes another bite.

'I know.' Papad enthuses and finishes his mouthful. 'This is the BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!'

I gaze at him, amused. 'The best day, huh?'

'Yeah.' He bites again and considers this point, chewing thoughtfully. 'But then, I have SO MANY BEST DAYS.'

'Me too.' Pickle agrees. Peanut just nods silently.

And I look at the three of them. And I think to myself, I agree too.

And I have them to thank for so many best days of my own.

And you? How's Summer going for you? 

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