Saturday, May 6, 2017

Keeping up with the Lal-Sharmas

Pickle walks up to me, looking both pensive and guilty.

'Yes, Pickle? What happened?' I say gently.

'Mom.' He bites his lip, and then holds up his fist. With his other hand, he points towards it 'Don't do this with your hand, ok?'

'What? What do you mean?'

'This thing.' He indicates the middle of his fist. 'This part. You should not do that.'

'What are you talking about, Pickle?'

'It's rude.' He exclaims, getting frustrated.

'What is?'

He holds out his middle finger and flips me the bird. 'THIS. This is a very rude thing!'


Peanut keeps asking me questions about her homework. This annoys me as it interrupts me and also reveals my ignorance about various topics.

'Why don't you go look it up?' I complain. 'You can find all these answers on the internet.'

'Ah yes.' She smiles cheekily. 'But it's easier to blame you than the internet if it's wrong.'


Vijay and I have taken to watching Suits on Netflix. I tried hard to avoid watching any series because of the time-suck they end up being, but we're hooked.

We both like hotshot arrogant but good-hearted lawyer Harvey Specter although of course he is too-good-to-be-true, like most of the show. His secretary Donna, Vijay suspects, of being in love with Harvey.

'How do you know?' I demand.

'You can just tell, it's in her expressions.' He says smugly.

'Umm...Vijay, you do realize...we're watching a TV show...she's only acting.'

'Yeah but I can still tell.' He says smugly. 'She's not that good an actor.'


I tell Vijay, making sure Peanut is in earshot 'Our daughter is so bright. She's going to totally be a scientist. Some sort of inventor. I wonder what she'll end up creating for the world.'

Peanut pauses and looks at me.

'Ah! There you are!' I exclaim. 'What are you going to create for the world, Peanut?'

'I was thinking a blueberry flavoured Jolly Rancher Lollypop.' Shoots off the smart-mouth before skipping off.


It's just about midnight. The twins have fallen asleep in our room. Of course a parent's love grows when they see their children peacefully in never - never land.
I see Vijay too, gazing fondly at Papad. He leans over and whispers in our son's ear.
I am curious about this display of fondness and move in to hear what he is saying. Only when I am much closer can I make out that he is gently but firmly repeating in a soft lilting way,

"Daddy's the best...Daddy's the best.... Daddy's the best..."


Because a picture says a thousand words. This is how a six year old chooses to carry your yoga mat home post Zumba class.


And when your kid is finally old enough to plan her own birthday party.

And this is how she writes about her first love, reading.

Even though it's clear she's frustrated that someone left us in charge.

And her brothers come up with these gems.

And his twin brother, when asked to write what questions he will ask on his class field trip to the farm, comes up with this list.


But the best part is when your family provides you with material so that your long-time publisher HarperCollins loves your latest manuscript and decides to publish it in November 2017.

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